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Old 04-13-2012, 10:01 PM
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Default BC breeders for me

Again. I'm really trying to do this next dog as right as right can be. I'm going to be pretty picky when it comes to this dog. Got a few breeds on the list, but would like to start talking to breeders including BC breeders. The other main breed I already have the breeder picked if I go that route. Looking for 2014 most likely.

I have a few names I'm looking at but would like to hear from some more BC savvy people as well.

You guys know what I tend to like. Main focus for said dog will be agility. Will probably dabble in something else but I want this to be my first 'for serious' agility dog.

Must haves:
- Full health testing. Breeder must also stand behind their pups if a health problem occurs. I don't expect no health issues ever (unrealistic) but I do expect a breeder to do their best and to offer advice if something happens. This is priority #1 for me at this point in time.
- Well balanced temperament. I want a dog that is nice to live with. However, my 'nice to live with' standards might be a bit skewed lol.
- Must be some kind of performance oriented breeder, not a conformation breeder. Sports or work are both fine by me
- Breeder must be okay with dog being AKC registered (at least a performance listing). Most trials around here are AKC and I don't want to limit myself. I know a lot of working breeders won't allow this.

- Would prefer a breeder that allows pups to be kept intact.
- Smaller scale breeder. 1-3 litters a year max
- Breeder in the US, Canada would be okay too if they'll ship

I swear I had more requirements but I can't think of them at the moment.

One issue I'm running into is the working full time thing. How do you go about convincing a breeder that you will be a good candidate for a pup if you work full time? I'm definitely thinking dog walker or something of that sort. Not sure.

Also if you have some breeders to definitely stay away from let me know. (Pm works too)

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