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Old 04-13-2012, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by AdrianneIsabel View Post

Notice his wide birth around that dropped pole? Yet he'll plow into poles on the jumps. :/ He's jumping 12s because I haven't addressed his jumping style yet. I started him in flyball as a pup and I think I compounded some natural issues. He jumps super flat and low, he also has no regard for his body which doesn't help at all.

Watched the video and TBH I was expecting a way more frantic, weird dog from what you have described LOL I have seen BCs who could not do any of what Backup is doing here because they were grabbing their handlers pant legs in a frenzy whenever the handler got too close, moved to fast...or too slow. I know BCs who are so worked up in agility they scream (and often knock bars) the entire run, take whatever obstacle is in their vision and are in general fairly out of control. Ziggy was sort of difficult to run to to start off because of his frantic nature and to some degree he always will be.

I have a few ideas that might work with Backup, maybe some food for thought. A lot of people pick their dogs weakest issue and work the most on that in attempts to fix it. But to the dog, working on the stuff they are the least good at the most can't be very much fun and is probably stressful. We don't know why Backup is weird about your right side but he is. Since you do obedience and IPO with him, it may have something to do with that. I have seen many obedience dogs of all breeds and temperaments get extremely weird about being worked on the right. At any rate, he is weird about it. So in agility practice, since he's still a beginner instead of focusing on that why not just make any right sided stuff super easy for him? Over time, you can gradually start making it harder and harder until you're asking the same from him right sided as left sided. Away from agility, maybe try teaching him to heel on your right side and seeing if that helps at all.

The distance stuff...that's not a glitch, it's a feature Really, a lot of people spend a great deal of time trying to get their dog to work away from them. Your's is naturally good at it, so use it whenever you can! Like Panzerotti said, it's a common issue with BCs. Many herding breeds can be that way to some degree because what they were designed to do required they be sensitive to pressure and space, both concerning sheep and the shepherd.

Mostly what I see in this video is a dog who's trying hard and willing to play the game but doesn't fully understand. I think he'd benefit from trying to run less complicated set ups where it's very easy for him to follow your cues and make the right choices without having to be micromanaged.
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