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Old 04-05-2012, 12:15 AM
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TB is a barker. He barks for no reason and non-stop. I've probably pulled a lot of hair out because of him. I wanted to punch people who continued to preach that it's because he needed more exercise or needed to get out of the kennel more (because 18 hours of outside time/inside time with an hour long walk/jog not including the games of fetch in the backyard just don't qualify). He's literally a neurotic barker. He barks first thing in the morning...of course before the boys are awake. He barks at night...of course right after I get the boys to bed. He barks in his kennel in the middle of the day. He barks outside in the middle of the day. He barks in the middle of the night (oh, like at 3:45 like he did last night). It. just. doesn't. stop!

I don't think I could ever own another dog that barks as incessently as he. It stresses everyone out, and even Cooper will go tell him "Hus, Baby!" (Hush!).

Gosh...just talking about me makes my tic come back.

ETA: And no, I cannot handle dogs that "yap". That probably drives me more crazy that TB's maniac barking does. At least his is a bark and not some whiny annoying sound. (hence why the only small dog you'd ever see me with is a Cairn Terrier. I sooooooo don't do lap dogs.)
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Old 04-05-2012, 09:15 AM
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I was listening to the Traveler and Mia videos, and Chloe came running into the room and started looking for the dog. LOL Then she realized it was my computer and she stared at it for awhile, trying to figure out how a dog could be in the tiny box.

This is typical Chloe noise (this video was taken when she was about nine months old - I want puppy Chloe again!!!):

That is how she plays, although now her growls sound a bit more ferocious and she barks less. That doesn't bother me at all, although it scares some people. LOL They start to play with her, then she gets excited and she starts zooming around and barking and growling like she's possessed and they just sort of look at me with wide eyes like, "WTF is wrong with your dog?"
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