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Old 04-02-2012, 03:43 AM
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Sean Smith
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JessLough: That is a good question, one shouldn't assume the obvious wasn't overlooked. In fact I had a friend who's dog was "rescued" while she was in a store shopping for a few minutes. Some people saw she had on a heavy metal T-shirt and assumed that means she sacrifices animals to satan or something, and STOLE her DOG! She never saw the dog again. But yeah, according to the finder, the number on the collar was called and it was out of service. The vet identified the tag info to have come from a clinic out in Sunnyside Queens (not even the same borough where he was found).

Also since it was mentioned, Sam was not found in a poor neighborhood. If I recall correctly it was on the Manhattan side of the East River and by my standards a poor neighborhood doesn't exist in Manhattan. He would have had to cross a bridge or wander all the way down from the Bronx to have come from someone who couldn't afford to feed him steak every night. So my guess is that he was intentionally abandoned. But I do concede that neither this, nor the lack of a chip or neutering, really says much. I chatted with the girl who found him tonight (mostly to ask the question about the tag) and told her about this thread, so she will most likely register and put in her 2 cents, and she can probably correct any info I got wrong about before he came here (but I think I got it right more or less).

At the end of the day I guess it doesn't really matter where he came from and what his past is because we'll never know and I'm going to take care of the dude either way, whether I place him with a good owner or keep him myself. But the comments, especially what Maxy24 said, make a good case that he wasn't bred to fight. He is definitely used to living in a domestic environment. I guess this time I was the racist pit bull stereotyper

In other news, he was left alone for over 8 hours for the first time this past week, when I had to go to work & school and he was so well behaved it is almost freaky. You would think he had straightened up the place. Touched nothing but his toys. He just gained some major points toward the possibility of just staying here with me..
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