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Old 03-28-2012, 09:01 PM
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Default Post spay, Diarhea and Pedialyte question

Cricket was spayed 10 days ago. She was having completely normal stools up until this morning. This morning I woke up to pee by my bedroom door and mushy stool on my indoor plant stand. I'm not sure why Cricket didn't try to wake me up like she usually does if she has to potty.

Anyways, I fed her breakfast but then an hour later she was crying to come out of her crate. That's not normal behavior for her either. I took her straight outside and she has explosive diarhea. It's lightish brown and watery and afterwards she stayed there for about another 5 minutes dropping stringy looking D here and there. This happened a few other times today.

Since she is having D I opted to not feed her dinner. I've had her crated all day long with water available at all times to keep her hydrated. She is still acting normal outside of the D except for the crying in her crate to go potty constantly.

My question... Could the D be related at all to her spay or is there a good chance its not since she had normal stools for ten days already post spay? Tomorrow I'm taking her to work and crating her in a separate room away from the other dogs so I can take her potty every couple hours. I don't want her to get stuck having D in her crate if I leave her home.

Should I give her anything small to eat in the morning or should I hold out until she isn't passing liquid stools at all? I was debating on adding some pedialyte to her water dish tomorrow to help get some electrolytes back in her. How much pedialyte should I give a 30lb dog?

Also, when I start to give her food again I was thinking a little rice with some scrambled eggs and just giving her a tiny bit periodically throughout the day to see how she does. Would a little cottage cheese or yogurt help? Any suggestions?

At this point I'm holding off on calling the vet since outside of having D she has been fine all day. Of course if it keeps up I will call my vet, but right now I'm keeping an eye on her.

I just checked her stitches and she seems to be healing fine. She is mostly just a little scabby on the incision site, but nothing appears to be infected. She did decide to zoomie yesterday since she has been cooped up on crate rest and it took a couple minutes to get her to come back and go back in her crate. Could her running around like a wild banshee when she is still healing have anything to do with her possibly having loose stools?
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