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Old 03-25-2012, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by LindaJD View Post
The older you get, the easier it is to injure yourself. Going on hikes is one thing, I have a few relatives in their 90's that still go on hikes, but they wouldn't do downhill skiing like they did when they were younger.
My father is one reason why I didn't replace my diving board on my pool when it broke. In his 70's he would go off it and do flips. His head was getting closer and closer to the edge and it was making me nervous. Between him and 3 teenagers I said I was going to give myself some peace and not replace it. He also tore something on the back of his heel playing basketball. His body just doesn't stretch the way it used to.

Now If I could keep him out of trees or off the top of my roof, I'd feel safer. He just had a couple stents put in his heart less than 2 weeks ago and I came home from work on Friday and he was outside chopping wood.
I told him the Dr said take it easy for awhile and he said if I take it any easier I might as well be dead. In his mind he isn't 78, he is 35. I guess I'd rather that than the opposite but he does make me nervous some of the things he does when I'm not home. I told him if you insist on doing dangerous stuff at least do it when someones home to help if you need it. It goes in one ear and out the other.

Oh wow Linda! He sounds very trying. It is scary. My Mom is just about to turn 90 (in April) and there's no way she could go hiking. She is quite thin and fragile but still able to get around....very slowly. And I lost my Dad at age 92 not long ago. But up until he got very sick, he was walking 3 miles a day. That's a lot! My Mom had a mild stroke and hasn't been able to go on those long walks for some time. But what's amazing is both of their minds were and are good and sharp. I know what you mean though...when I lived in Idaho, just recently, and I had to climb up on my roof to shovel snow, everyone said to let someone know because if I fell or got knocked out, no one would notice I was missing and wouldn't find me until spring. Or when I'd go hiking by myself, a bear could eat me and no one would know. I never told anyone where I was going and all that. I just went. Of course, they'd probably see my car parked at the base of the trail on those hikes where I had to drive a couple miles from my house. But yeah, it is wise to let someone know and for your Dad to wait till someone is around to do dangerous stuff.
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