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Old 02-07-2005, 06:15 PM
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Default New Zeus Incident *rolls eyes*

He Ate My PHONE!!!!!

Yeah huh well i think that pretty much sums it up. Could it be that i was gone on saterday and wasent there to treat him like a prince? Could it be he's still upset with me for putting him in the bathroom after the whole lets steal the whole box of treats incident? Could it be he knows the time of a new puppy in the house is coming soon? Or could it simply be that he is Zeus and enjoys that noise a make whenever he does something he im sure considers great fun.

Ok here's the whole thing I was in the bedroom getting changed after the runs and playtime earlier and when i hear this "crunch" crunch" snap" crunch" beeeeeeeeeeeeep" and here i am frozen thinking oh god what is it and who's chewing on it? And walk out and laying right outside my bedroom door is good ole Chomping on my portable phone !!!! He had already snapped off the intina and chewed up all the buttons pretty much and chewed off a couple. And lovely teeth marks on the rest of the phone . Of course I make that lovely noise and he know's he's in trouble but stil perks his ears and wags his tail and takes off for the ever popular under the bed hiding place. I don't chase him i just stand there with my poor phone figuring out the damage and figure its probley not going to be any use to me anymore so i plugged in the old cord phone.

Zeus punnishment you may ask? The rest of the day of me ignoring him it drives him crazy. He's been coming up to me ever since he has decided it was safe to leave his hiding place to nose my my hand for a pet or a nice talk but i don't give him either just glance at him and say go lay down... Then he does with his tail tucked and curls up on the rug in a little ball and whines. I swear you would think Zeus was the 1 year old and Tundra was the four year old lol.

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