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Old 03-13-2012, 12:49 PM
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Default Need Help with a Rescued Dog Please!

I am new to the forum and am glad I found all of you. I will need to share my story and hope to get some feedback. I was unsure of what area to post in as this situation involves several issues.

A few days ago, a precious little hound dog showed up at our house. We fed him, looked for his owner to no avail. The dog is afraid of people, so we didn't push him, but he finally got to where if we sat down about a foot from his bowl, he would eat and we would talk to him.

Yesterday I went outside to tell our trash man to be careful when entering the fence to dump the trash as we didn't want the dog to run off. Well, the trash man was next door and called me over. There was our dog jumping all over him and licking him. The happiest I've seen him. I asked if it was his dog and he replied yes. He said he "got lost" when they were hunting 3 weeks ago and I found it very odd that the dog made it across a busy highway and to our house. After speaking with the man a bit I learned he didn't want the dog, in fact, he said he was going to let him go in the woods! I understand some hunters around here do that so they don't have to continue feeding the dogs. I also noticed that the dog had been shot in the neck twice. The owner advised me he wasn't in pain, or he would be yelping. At this point I was getting angry. I asked if he had ever had any vet care to which he replied no. I told him we would gladly take the dog and give him a new home. We were able to pick him up and he's at the vet now. He has heartworms which we are having the vet treat, they bathed him and treated him for hookworms and thank God, he will recover from the gunshot wounds. They will neuter him after heartworms are gone. I must say I was sickened when I saw that dog jumping all over his owner, so happy to see him, then the owner just turn him away. I'm hoping he makes it through the heartworm treatment as we have gotten very attached to him in only 3 days. I'm an animal lover. I love animals of all kinds. I just for the life of me can't understand how someone could be so cruel. We have reported him to the vet and the local authorities. Ok, now for my questions. Obviously this dog has never had toys, loving care, etc. I'm making a list of things to get for him as he will be an outside dog (we have over an acre fenced) as I'm sure being a hunting dog, will not be happy indoors. We're getting him a nice dog house and will put it on our back covered porch. I know nothing about hound dogs. Do they play with toys? I know the basics he will need, but really want to give this poor baby a happy life. My feelings are the gunshot wounds were inflicted by the dogs owner, then to see that little dog just run up to the owner with no ill feelings just broke my heart. I can't save all animals, but hopefully this one we can. I was told he's a Blue Tick Beagle. Does anyone know? Thanks for letting me vent!

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