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Old 03-12-2012, 04:52 AM
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Yes, I let my dogs off leash illegally. But I do it in the most responsible way I can! lol

There is a baseball field that says "NO DOGS IN FIELD"... but we let the dogs run and play there, if no one is there.

I let my dogs off leash at the county park, again - if no one is there.

In the past (when he could still fetch), I let Ruger off leash at a public lakefront park to play short-distance fetch. He is the only dog I will unleash in an unfenced public area, because his recall is 98% (you know dogs.. nothing is 100%!)... but even then, I did it only in situations where I knew it was safe.

Those are the sort of illegal off-leashings I do. And I ALWAYS regain control of my dog/s if someone comes into view. I'm incredibly observant of my surroundings, and I've yet to miss someone approaching... 80% of the time, I see them before they see me. Depending on the circumstances, I'll either leash my dog/s or put them in a down/stay.

I NEVER let my dog/s off leash when other dogs are present, leashed or otherwise.

How do I feel when I see other off leash dogs? I prepare to defend my dog from a possible encounter, first. I have seen VERY few off leash dogs with voice control strong enough to warrant being off lead!
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