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Old 03-05-2012, 11:57 PM
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Default Do I have any argument/defense? (lawyer help?)

I had to go to the ER & on top of being treated like absolute crap, I had a CT Scan ordered, which I was against. There is much more to the story than that, but we'll leave it at that. I strongly believe that it was not medically indicated for them to order it, but I was not given much choice at the time.

I am now left with a $1700 bill (insurance is covering like 6500 or something, so they didn't deny it completely). I don't know how the heck I am supposed to pay that.

I've written an essay describing my experiences and plan to submit it to the hospital (did that BEFORE my bill). Not sure what else I plan to do, but it is in hope that some of those involved in my care will be reprimanded. I really do not expect hotel service, but my treatment was ridiculous & the doctor who treated me was a complete idiot who was blindly ordering tests with zero reasoning. Which is a fact.

Anyways, I am ok to pay for the services that I feel were necessary, but am so not ok with the CT scan. The bill they sent me isn't even itemized, so I think that is going to be my first step (umm would be nice to know what I am even paying for!!)

Beyond that though, does anyone have any advice?

I've fought a denial before, but this is different since they technically didn't deny it (at least I dont think so since it says 6500 was covered).

But this is beyond ridiculous...

Thanks Jessie!

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