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Old 02-28-2012, 12:10 AM
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Thumbs up My fellow dog nerds will appreciate my day...

Since not many non-dog nerds will appreciate all the coolness that has been my day, I figured I'd share it here. LOL It's all little stuff, but it still has me wanting to share for some reason.

1. Dropped my car off for regular service. Our car place provides *free* loaner vehicles and welcomes dogs in them which is soooo nice. I always spend a few minutes talking dogs with the head mechanic (he has a dane) and once I had to bring Z in with me when I picked up my car on a hot day. She got loved on by everyone in the office! Our place may charge more than others, but these little things makes it worth it!

2. Got an email for Team Menapode in reply to one of my sponsorship requests. Hurtta can't provide monetary sponsorship, but they invited me to be part of their North American Product Ambassador program, which means free Hurtta stuff for all three dogs in Team Menapode! Sooooo excited, especially because I was just looking at the Hurtta Y harness for Kes for biking/blading!

3. Aeri and Snipe are both having split heats (ugh!), but this means that Kes gets to attend Aeri's competition obedience foundation class. He did his first group stays today and we did tons of heeling as a group with a total of 9 dogs in class tonight and he had awesome attention most of the time, nice halts, clean starts, and decent abouts, both regular and schh style! After class was over we had a chance to practice some downs with high distraction, off lead heel, and out of motions and he was still performing nicely despite going on an hour of focus! <3 <3

4. My instructor for the comp obed class pulled me aside to let me know that she had asked the club president why I couldn't be a member (I had been told my training business was considered in violation of the non-compete agreement members sign). He realized that the non-compete specifically mentions someone giving private lessons not a competitor - I only give private lessons so I *can* become a member! Woo! AND my instructor wants to be one of my sponsors! Club membership means FREE CLASSES!! FREE! Woo! It also means I can rent a ring for training my own dogs for $10/hr which will be nice for ring prep work and during inclement weather.

So yea my not so inner dog nerd had a pretty awesome day. Anyone else have awesomeness they'd like to share?!
Erin, Ziva, Kestrel, Aerten, and Snipe
Always in our hearts: The Amazing Maggie Mae

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