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Old 02-27-2012, 08:18 AM
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GOOD LUCK! And sending you quick recovery ***VIBES***

Ah, the day my wisdom teeth came out... I do not remember much but it was so awesome lol.
They gave me a pill a week before my surgery (I was living almost in Atlanta at this time and dad & I had to drive alllllllll the way to Valdosta, GA, about 4 hours south of ATL). I took my pill an hour before my surgery, 30 mins after I took it, they called me to the back room. A tiny tiny tiny nurse walked me back there, I feel on her walking through the hallway cause my legs went numb from the pill LOL poor lady. I FOUGHT my pill (DO NOT DO THIS lol) for almost 20 mins, they gave me a shot to help me sleep, I FOUGHT that to (DO NOT DO THIS LOL), 30 mins later I was not asleep, I got laughing gas. They said count back from 10, I made it to 8 and was out like a light.
I do not remember my surgery, I do not remember leaving (dad said they had to take me to the truck in a wheel chair cause I couldn't walk), the only thing I remember on the way home from the dentist was that I asked dad for a cheeseburger, he called my dentist, they said it was fine as long as there was no ketchup or spicy/tangy things on the burger. So I got a cheese burger with mayo and pickles. Dad tore it into small pieces for me. Then that was it. Dad said I ate the whole burger, but don't remember it.
I don't remember anything until the following NIGHT (my surgery was at 8am the previous morning, we were out of there by around 10am).
All I gotta say is, the meds were awesome and I was high as h3ll for about 3 days lol

4 days later, I went back to Wendy's and got that mayo & pickle burger, it was SOOOOO yummy lol

ETA: I had FIVE wisdom teeth and got them all removed that day. Yea, I'm a badass
*War Eagle*
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