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Old 02-19-2012, 03:54 PM
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Default Blah days (girl stuff warning)

This weekend hasn't been bad but today has sucked. I went to the doctor's this week for my PCOS and to check on how the latest pill they had me on was doing. They decided to switch things up AGAIN so they gave me a new BC pill. 5 days later horrible horrible cramps and bleeding. I woke up this morning feeling like I was being kicked repeatedly in the uterus.

I'm feeling totally useless, though. I haven't done anything productive at all today and there's lots I need to do. That's not even all, I haven't eaten anything today or pretty much moved at all. I'm finally feeling like I could move without hurling so I took a shower and am feeling a bit better. I think I'm going to eat something next and see. Please tell me I'm not the only one that becomes useless on this day of the month. I feel like I should just write off today completely and for that I feel like a loser...

In other news, the doctor is worried my cysts have gotten worse since I've had tons of cramping problems almost constantly for the last few months. So I get another ultrasound and two more doctor's visits to see what's going on.

Sorry for the whiney thread but I feel like I'm on the verge of tears for no apparent reason. I keep telling myself it's got to be the BC and hormones that's making me feel this way. I've changed BC three times in the past 8 months and every time I switch it's just this awful process.

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Old 02-19-2012, 03:59 PM
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I hear ya! Couple of wks ago I switched bc pills too, except the pack I was on ran out and I was without pills for 2 days, then I got my new pack and started right away. Only problem is when i do stop pills I usually get my period right away, this time I didn't and totally missed it for last month. Now I'm freakin out and thinking omg I hope I'm not prego again! I'm to chicken to go buy a test although I really should!
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Old 02-19-2012, 04:19 PM
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Yeahhh that's how yesterday was for me. I barely made it through my 4 hour shift at work, I was in so.much.pain. Couldn't eat. Could only move when it was necessary.

Today is a million times better, which is good because it's my only day off so I was able to enjoy it and do things! But the first day is always misery for me. Never been on BC so can't comment on that part....
But I totally get ya on having a lousy day because of it.

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Old 02-19-2012, 04:46 PM
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I feel ya. Been off my BC pill since Jan. 14th and my gyno wants me to stay off of it until at least my appt this month on the 28th. Probably another 30 days after that. My hormones are crazy and so freakin' high right now its got them worried.

I just got off my period this morning after being on it for 6 days, my usual periods only last 4 days, adding 2 extra days just made things feel worse.

(((HUGS))) Sorry you are having a bad day. Take a bubble bath and drink some coffee, that always helps me. Coffee is from Heaven.
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Old 02-19-2012, 09:03 PM
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Thanks ladies. <333 I am still feeling blah and crampy. And I did nothing today which always makes me feel even worse.

I am going to blame hormones and then go to sleep and call tomorrow a brand new day. Try to wake up feeling chipper and eager to go (lol). I just hope it's not going to take me a month to get used to this one like the last time I switched.

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Old 02-20-2012, 03:48 AM
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I've had a fun 2 week run up of pmt symptoms this month (bloated, starving, sore boobs). Brill. And now its finally shown itself I feel irritated. By everything. My boyfriend showed up on Saturday (he doesn't come here that often). He brought me flowers and a new wool red duffel coat (gorgeous) and I've been a whiney, naggy cow bag. I had period pains, felt fat and used him as an emotional punch bag. I don't know how he puts up with me...

I'm back on the b6 to try and regulate my hormones again. I may have to admit defeat and go to the docs at some point in the future!!
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Old 02-20-2012, 06:57 AM
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(((hugs))) I'm sorry. I totally understand your pain. Before I started BC, my periods were a bitch. Like, I'd stay home from school because I would get light headed & dizzy and I had a thing for passing out. It also made me sick to my stomach.

I've been off the pill since Sept, but thanks to this thread, I am now looking at doctors in the area (Oh, btw, moving and having to find a new doctor sucks)

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