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Old 02-16-2012, 03:45 PM
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Alrighty, yesterday I wrote a crabby response, slept it, and did a re-write this morning that's much friendlier. Meanwhile, they've been calling me and posting on my facebook. *SIGH*

Here's what I've got so far, names taken out for everyone's sake:
Hi xxxx,

Sorry I took my time, but I needed to think about some concerns of mine. The first is that I wasnít made aware of any of these terms initially, and did not agree to them either in signature or verbally regarding signing the dogs over to XXX. There are several reasons why that may not be a practical solution for me.

Please donít think that I donít trust the rescue to place them. Itís not that at all. However, understand that they are here on borrowed time, and that, sadly, there may come a time when I simply absolutely cannot keep them, at which point they would have to go to Animal Control. Obviously this is an absolute last resort, but as Iíve promised my landlords that Iíll get them out ASAP, and as Iím solely responsible for feeding, housing, and caring for them, I canít allow another organization control or approval of how or when they leave. If XXX were able to take them into foster care, youíd be free to do whatever you to needed regarding paperwork. Had I been informed that this what a part of the terms of their receiving veterinary care through XYZ, I would have probably sought a different route, for these reasons.

I have gathered support from several friends and family members who have donated money to pay for their vet care. I think it would be best if I reimbursed XYZ for their vet care from 2/14 and went on to re-home them independently, unless XXX can provide foster homes in the very near future. Iíll just need an invoice on [VET NAME]ís letterhead and Iíll send a check to XYZ. Iím XYZ gets a discount as a non-profit and Iím happy to pay whatever the average person does. Consider the extra a donation.

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