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Old 02-15-2012, 02:13 PM
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Default I feel mislead - am I in the wrong here?

Ok, so... Ketchup and Mustard get vet care yesterday courtesy of an non-profit that helps homeless animals get medical care. Great! She takes a bunch of pics and posts them on FB asking for donations. Super! I volunteered to make a generous donation as well. Ok, here's where it gets...iffy.

The post says these "poor babies" were "bait dogs" and that their medical treatment will cost over $2000 total. It begs people to donate so they can "save these dogs ASAP."

I doubt they were bait dogs, since "bait dogs" are largely a media construct. Not saying some idiots somewhere aren't doing it, just saying that not every APBT that has scars on its face is a bait dog. Also, no where NEAR $2000... They got exams, fecals, HW tests, wormer, and some antibiotics. That's it. Then there's the fact that the dogs don't need to be "saved" - they've already HAD their medical treatment, and are safe for the time being.

But hey, ok, I know this could be a big money maker for them since the pics of the dogs are so dramatic, and I know they do good work with their money, so I can let it go.

Well, now I have an email saying that I can't give Mustard away unless the family that's taking him fills out an application through a rescue org that works with the foundation that did the vet care. And that the dogs need to be "part of the rescue program" since the vet care foundation "took full responsibility" for them. To be clear, THEY ARE SEPARATE ENTITIES THAT WORK TOGETHER. So it's not like the rescue that wants to place them is the same group that did the vet care.

Ok, well first off: I was never informed that these were the conditions of the dogs receiving treatment. Never, not once. Second off, them being "part of the program" in NO WAY benefits me, as I was told explicitly there were no foster homes for them. So, let me get this straight... I house them on borrowed time, I buy their food, get them bathed, buy them supplements, administer their medications, nurse them back to health, all while desperately trying to buy them time at my place, but YOU get to take their adoption fee and decide who they go with and when they go? I have to wait for you to approve their adoption WHEN I'M THE ONE HOUSING THEM AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE AT MY HOUSE? Mustard was supposed to go home Sunday. Are you kidding me?

Ok, I have a huge problem with this. A HUGE problem. I am trying to calm down before I respond. Will I be in trouble legally if I say no way (or just donít answer at all)? What if I offer to compensate them for the vet care? I never signed them over to the rescue, or agreed to these conditions in any way. I wasnít even INFORMED of these conditions, and now apparently Iím obligated to become a foster home for these guys until the rescue can place them???? Seriously?

Am I wrong here? Am I not seeing this clearly?

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