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Old 02-15-2012, 12:06 PM
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I so need to get "conditioned" better lol. Right now I walk around 2 miles, I try to every day but with school and softball games sometimes I don't have time! Ugh. Today I'll probably walk around 4 miles though because I'll have time!

I sometimes go bike riding, usually 1-2 miles. Haven't been in quite a few weeks though. Hiking when I get the chance, mostly on Sat. or Sun. Wednesday nights I usually play 30 or so minutes of kickball. Zumba and Pilates on occasion, I'm not very good at those so I don't do them very often LOL

Oh and swimming! Not so much right now but when it warms up you can't get me out of the pool! Haha

Harleigh <3
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Old 02-15-2012, 12:19 PM
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I just ordered some Power Yoga DVDs from Amazon that came highly recommended by other runners. That is going on the calendar for Sundays after my long runs on Saturday. Hopefully they will help do some strength and stretch stuff! I'm not a huge yoga person but these are supposed to be very fun and effective. I can always pass them off to my mom if I don't like them, she is on board the yoga train, haha.
I have a Jillian Michaels DVD I bought earlier this year too, but haven't tried it yet. One of my co-workers always complains about being sore after doing her DVDs, so I'm a little worried about hurting myself doing a stupid DVD and not being able to run. =P I should probably just try it out and see how it goes.

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Old 02-15-2012, 12:19 PM
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I took a couple weeks off and i'm feeling it today. Started regular workouts again Monday, I think i might be done for the week Monday was more strength based. Kettlebell lunges, 1-arm push ups, chins, 5 min core superset with kettlebell cleans.

Tuesday was strength endurance based. everything is 30 seconds on 30 rest for 5 minutes, then break 2min then back to next set. Started with 24" plyobox jumps, then moved to bear crawls forwards and backwards, the sprint forwards and backpedal back to start( about 25yds or so) then jump rope forwards and backwards. Then I was DUN. I'm getting better, but a long ways off from where i need to be.
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Old 02-15-2012, 01:00 PM
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Right now its a combo of power walking, eating less cals (which works for ME), and doing UFC Personal Trainer through the Xbox Kinect every other day. When not doing the UFC thing, I power walk. So every day its something new. I could probably get away with just the UFC thing cause you do different stuff everyday and it works all of your body. But the weather is nice and I like to power walk.
*War Eagle*
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