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Old 02-13-2012, 04:47 PM
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I liked it because it's one of those things everybody wishes they could do at some point, but probably don't. Many of us would like to say to some punk teenager or dillhole at some point in our lives and shoot the tires out from their car, or smash their laptop, or how 'bout a copy machine? Reminds me of a movie

It's not the way most would deal with it in real life, it's probably not the "best" way to deal with it either. I know I was a mouthy, unappreciative teenager once too. Rarely did one action teach me anything. Sometimes things were dealt with rationally and calmly. Sometimes I was punished, sometimes they could see I learned all I needed to without anything even being said. It seemed the larger the screw up, the less that was done or said, but not always

Sometimes someone, not necessarily my parent's would do or say something way out of line (even looking back now, way out of line) sometimes I pissed me off more, sometimes I said, dang, they're right. Other times I thought they were complete ****ing asshole and didn't listen to a word they said, but in the course of future experiences, i learned my first reaction or impression of that person wasn't correct. Other times I learned I was dead on

Learning happens every day in good and bad ways. I believe the guy when he says himeself, his daughter and her mom are OK with what happened, and that they are the only ones that matter.

I don't think this one thing will end all learning or ruin this girl for life. If it does, she doesn't have much of a future.
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