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Old 02-05-2012, 04:23 PM
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Default Breeds that fit me

Now that Tucker is going to come live with me after college I've had to reevaluate the idea of getting an APBT as my next dog. I do not like the idea of crate and rotate and would really like to avoid that possibility so it seems I'd be better with a breed more likely to be dog friendly. So, since Tucker doesn't fill all of my doggy needs I do want to think of what I could get instead. Now I'm likely just going to get an adult rescue mutt, but I still like to have an idea of general breed tendencies in case the dog I like seems to have an obvious breed, plus I just think it's fun to see what you all think. Keep in mind this won't be for at least 3 years.

So, physical stuff:
I'm gonna say size doesn't matter right now. I don't want anything much smaller than Tucker though, who is 15 pounds. I don't want anything that needs professional grooming and I don't like beards. Nothing with super duper thick fur like great Pyrs or Newfoundlands and no excessive drooling.

Temperament stuff:
I like alert, attentive, and enthusiastic dogs. Dogs who are always ready to DO stuff and are PUMPED about it. I do want the dog to be capable of laying down and chewing on a toy if I'm busy, but really like enthusiasm and energy. I need the dog to be fine with dogs, including my small dog. I'd like to foster dogs as well. Being good with cats is optional, I would enjoy having cats but it's not something I absolutely need. I would like to make my dog a therapy dog, so they must enjoy strangers touching them as well. I like dogs that form tight bonds and are the type to follow their owner from room to room. I like very affectionate dogs who would be thrilled if you just pet them all day long. I'd like the dog to have good athletic ability as well (I'm just not attracted to dogs who have bodies so out of proportion or altered that they can't be athletic and agile). I'd like to go out and do stuff with the dog, parks, pet stores, hiking, dog friendly events, and walks. I like dogs that make me laugh, so nothing terribly dignified. I like a dog that is excitable, I want to be able to get them riled up just by acting like a goof. I like dogs that love to play, especially tug. I don't like excessive barking so no really vocal breeds.

Training stuff:
I have found Tucker to be somewhat irritating in training, he's sort of slow to catch on and it frustrates me. But that's something I should probably overcome. The most important things to me is that the dog stays engaged and upbeat during the training, a dog who enjoys trying to figure out what to do and doesn't give up easily. I also don't like some of the physically slow dogs. I remember a Pyr and a Berner that were just so sluggish while following commands. Like the owner would say sit and the dog would look at him, think, start rocking back and forth on his back legs while slowly lowering his bottom to the ground. When he heeled he walked at a slugs pace, just meandering along. That would drive me nuts.

So, what do you think?

Thank you ~Dixie's Mom~ for my awesome siggy!
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