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Old 02-05-2012, 09:35 AM
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Default Is this normal? *Long*

I feel a bit depressed. I know why I am, but it just doesn't makes sense to me as to why I am feeling like this.

Some back story:
I haven't taken my BC pill since Jan 14th cause I misjudged the refills I had left. Tj and I have had sex twice since then. He's been wearing condoms, I know for sure one time that he pulled out, the other time I am not so sure about. (He wore condoms both times.)

Anyways, I took a pregnancy test Friday night and it came back negative, so I've heard they are more accurate when you first pee in the morning so I took one Saturday morning, also came back negative.
Since then I have been depressed.
I had myself so worked up about being pregnant then I felt like my whole world crashed.

I know I am young. I know TJ is young. I know we haven't been together long (almost 8 months). So please don't bash me about that.

Tj and I talked about us having kids. As of right now, we want to be in a more stable home. After our lease is up here in May we plan to move into a larger place anyways. And honestly... that is one of our reasons as to why we don't need kids right now, we need a more stable home.

Even though we are young, he actually started saving for us to have kids as soon as we moved in together. Which, to me, seems to be the responsible thing because we never know what will happen.

I just don't like I feel like this.

Is it normal to feel this way after getting worked up about being pregnant then you found you aren't and just get upset?

Obviously this is towards you ladies.

Cookies if you read all of this.
*War Eagle*
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