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Old 02-04-2012, 10:46 PM
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Default Switching foods: which formula?

I'm switching Cynder's food to 4Health and I was curious about which formula I should try.

Cynder, my boyfriend's dog, is a 30 pound mutt. She's currently eating two cups a day of TOTW Wetlands (32% P, 18% F, 375 kcal/cup) and is maintaining a very good weight. She loves the food and her poops are great. Her coat, however, has not improved like I had hoped and since I need to reduce the amount I'm spending on dog food due to my poor-student budget, I'm going to switch her to 4Health. She's been on Pedigree her entire life, so its still a major step up regardless.

I'm either going to switch her to the Chicken and Rice formula, or the Performance formula. Chicken and Rice has 26% P, 15% F, and 351 kcal/cup. The Performance has 30% P, 20% F, and 376 kcal/cup. Ingredients are roughly the same. Which would you recommend switching to, or does it really matter?

The nice thing about the Chicken and Rice is that it comes in 18 pound bags which will fit nicely under the kitchen sink - the Performance only comes in 35 pound bags. But, the Performance also has more Glucosamine and Chondroitin (600mg/kg vs. 300mg/kg and 200mg/kg vs 100mg/kg) and more Omega-6 fatty acids (3.3% vs. 2.5%). Is that enough of an increase that it would benefit feeding the Performance formula?

And, on another note: I'm trying to reduce Chloe's calorie intake as she's getting chubby. Part of this is due to not being exercised, the other part is because she's been getting into the cat food. She is a 45 pound dog (currently 53 pounds...grrr...) and I've already reduced her food to 1 cup a day (TOTW Wetlands). What can I do to help her feel full, but keep her calorie count low? Is there a different brand of food I should try (bearing in mind that I think she is grain intolerant and I really don't have lots of money to spend)? Would switching to Pacific Stream or Sierra Mountain formulas help any, since they are lower P/F/Cal content?
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