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Old 02-03-2012, 05:22 PM
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Default Another coyote story

Not very eventful or anything, but across the road from me is this big field. I've told you about it before. It doesn't seem to belong to anyone and there are old, dilapidated apple trees scattered around. I take the dogs over there often and let them off their leashes but because I know there are coyotes somewhere around there, (have heard them, especially at night) I keep the dogs pretty close. They mind me well. Anyhow, no sooner had I removed their leashes, I saw a big dog quite a ways off in that big field that's surrounded by woods. I leashed them up again just in case. I think it looked like a Golden mix as best as I could see from that distance. So, we're walking along. That other dog sort of disappeared into the woods. And I then heard the loudest screaming. I mean screaming which would break off into yipping and yodeling. Coyotes. I hope they didn't do anything to that dog. But I made a 180 and headed back for the side walks and that's how we finished our walk....through neighborhoods on side walks. lol. I never was that leary of coyotes, but after hearing some creepy stories about them grabbing little dogs right off their owners' leashes and even attacking a lady who was jogging, I decided not to take any chances.

This isn't the wilderness anymore where they tend to be more skittish. I can't believe this. LOL. Here, I came from grizzly bear territory, moose, all kinds of critters....that even came into my yard and on hikes I was rarely worried about it. But now I'm in the burbs and I hear screaming banshees...they must have babies already....and I'm speed walking (not running mind you) outta there.

Please excuse my bad form...changing tenses all over the place. Too lazy to go back and fix it.
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