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Old 02-02-2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Paige View Post
I'm not going to jump through hoops to get a pet. I treat my dog well. He lives a great life. I will answer questions within reason and that's it.
This! I really wish that this was the approach more people would take (breeders and rescues alike). I understand there are bad apples to be weeded out, but it would be nice if they started the process with the thought that hey, maybe some decent people want a nice pet. I'm sure sometimes that's the case but others it's certainly not.

A friend of mine applied for a gorgeous Newfie/BC mix. She lives in an apartment and doesn't have a "yard" per say but she's a grad student and there's TONS of gated land around her to run/walk a dog (and the campus has no policy against that). She could bring the dog to some of her TA work, too. She was turned because of not having a fenced yard. I'm sorry, I do think that's silly. It's their loss, in the end. She went and found a lovely young dog on Craig's List who is her best friend now.

I adopted a cat in November and had to lie about Keeva's uterus to get him. A neutered male cat. I went to Chicago AC, which is by no means swimming in dough, and still had to lie about my intact bitch. Come ON.

That said, it was a pretty good experience on the whole. The volunteer we met had written up his little personality blurb ("Very calm and loves to be pet" indeed) was super friendly and really wanted him to go home with us. In fact, we forgot to bring a copy of our lease. When they called our landlord, we explained that he's a teacher and wouldn't be able to call them back until school got out. Our adoption agent (who was actually an AC officer who got roped into helping us, LOL) disappeared, came back out, and said, "Oh he called, he said no problem!"

We found out later they'd never talked to him. LOL Classic example of "busy shelter worker goes with gut instinct". And now he has a beautiful home. I'm glad we went with AC, and and our cat is the BEST EVER.

I'm generally not looking for rescue dogs anyway, but if I ever am, I don't imagine I'll ever be looking at private rescues, really. I just can't stomach the home check business and the third degree. Knowing that allows me to steer clear of them in the first place, but I do feel bad for those who fall in love with a particular dog and are denied, like my friend.

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