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Old 01-26-2012, 06:31 PM
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Default Can seizures cause vision problems?

Strider has been seizure free since going on Sabine's special diet she put together for him. Until two days ago. He'd gotten into the garbage and ate a TON of stuff that he totally was not supposed to have. Two days after that he had a bad seizure. Possibly more than one, sometimes the smaller ones are hard to spot because he has absence seizures.

Before the seizure I could tell it was coming because he was having his weird halos, where he gets way overstimulated and starts instinctively reacting to everything, and gets waaaayy over reactive to small things. He started doing a weird thing in the bathroom.

It's a very large bathroom. The toilet is next to the door. The dog food and water is in the back, next to the shower. The dogs haven't had any issues going in and out to eat and drink. Strider will go in, but he gets scared when he wants to come out. He'll just stand there and bark over and over until someone comes to get him.

If you call him from the hallway, he'll start shaking and back away, until he's backed into the wall. If you keep coaxing him, eventually he'll scramble out as fast as he can, slip all crazy on the tile, and be panting and stressed when he's finally out.

If you go in, he'll calmly walk out the door with you as long as you're touching him.

My mom tried turning on the light once, and he seemed to calm down and didn't scramble as crazy as before. That's when we thought it might be a vision issue. He's never had vision problems before. He's also never been afraid of the toilet before. It's still going on and he hasn't had a seizure that I've seen for two days, though maybe he's still having a halo because maybe there's another one coming?

Any ideas on what might be going on? I can get a video of the behavior if you want. He does it every time he goes in to eat.
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