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Old 01-21-2012, 11:48 AM
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Thanks for the recommended books, I will try them.

Yes Pompadour goes agitated when he notice I'm going out, he cries and/or barks and goes to try to take his leash wanting to come wit me.

I give him toys and kongs, most of the times he plays wit them but other not, he does eat when I'm not home but sometimes he is depressed to eat the kong and he eats it when I return, so now I'm making the kongs more irresistible filled wit cooked meat instead of peanut butter.

He doesn't destroy or chew things when I'm out, he likes to stay wit the other people in the house, but if he hears a noisy outside the house he goes to the main door and waits to see if it's me who is returning.

Wow Kerri Dekka sounds serious,looks like a decided dog is not stopped easily , I better fix Pompadour's before it raises.

I was planning on getting a second dog before I even got Pompadour for my and the first dog company but I wanted to wait until the first dog matured or we were ready for another one, I didn't wanted to have two bouncy pups causing mischiefs and have to train them to get used to the house and people at the same time lol.

So I wanted to wait when the first dog was trained and behaved to introduce another.

Tucker&Me, I do really like poodles I would love a black one, however if I get another dog I want him to be a show prospect too, so another poodle would compete against Pompadour in shows for BOB, unless I wait until he's retired but getting a ch title it's very hard around here since they are so many few shows like 4 or 5 in a year, and they are separated in a period of time of 2 to 6 months each.

So Pompadour already has a junior ch that took a year and a half, but he just stared to get points for his adult ch title.

That's why I'm looking into other breeds, it would be better if they aren't in the same group, of the ones in the list above only the chis and the poodles are in the toy and companion group (FCI 9 )
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Old 01-22-2012, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by ~Tucker&Me~ View Post
This If you want a second dog anyway, there's definitely a chance it could help. But it's definitely important to make sure you are primarily getting dog #2 for YOU, not for Pompadour

As for suggestions - it depends. Do you like poodles? If you are enjoying Pompadour than why not look into getting another poodle? If you are looking to try something else I know people here would be happy to give suggestions if they got a little more info. What would you be looking for in terms of energy level, biddability, independence vs. dependancy, shedding, etc? Do you want a dog that needs lots of exercise, is highly motivated to play with you, etc... Or would you prefer a more laid-back, lazy kind of dog?
Sorry I didn't answered all the questions yesterday, we had some issues wit the water tubes.

For a second dog I'm looking for a mild energy dog, as security problems I can't walk Pompadour every day but I walk him at least 4 times in a week to have a walk of at least one hour in each. (normaly it's one hour and half)

I prefer strong binds , and dependency bu I can take a more independent dog, and likes to have fun playing.

The type of dog I don't think I can handle well it's a really laud barker (like some min schnauzers) or a hyperactive energy .

As for Pompadour he would be unhappy wit one that would be dominant and bossy to him or one that plays too rough or is not interested in playing.

Shedding can be normal or mild.
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