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Old 01-19-2012, 11:25 AM
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Default A friend for Pompadour?

We were thinking on adding a second dog in our house, mostly when Pompadour has SA and don't like to be left alone in the house, when we have to go we make sure someone is making company to him.

He doesn't chew things when he is alone but he is very attached to me and is always following everywere, unfurtunlly not always I can him wit me were I go or it could be a person to make him company, we have being working wit his SA and getting his confidence up, we made progress but maybe another compatible dog can make him feel better?

When I go out is he cries and sometimes search for me in the house but calms down minutes later, then he goes to stay close wit another person in the house.

His personality is shy, and submissive to other dogs and people, minus when he hears noises outside the house so he barks until the sounds leave or he finds what it is,so he is alert to sounds and keep guard.

He is very nice to people, when I take him on walks and he sees that people are looking at him he loves to impress them he likes to walk on two legs or raise one of his front paws to get peoples attention, he also likes to pose for pictures.

Wit small kids it's different, he had a bad experience when he was 3 months old that a little girl hit him so he is afraid to small kids.

Wit other dogs he is very nice, when he meets one he smells the other dog and then he licks the other's dog face, wags his tail and adopts a playfull pose, he LOVES to play wit other small dogs and puppies, I have never seen him showing agression to them or trying to hump them, however I think a dog that would act bossy to him will make him feel bad instead of better.

I'm in a medical treatment that has some nasty side effects so if we get another dog it would be until it's finished it's going to take many months so we can still work wit Pompadour before and have time to think on the breed.

I was thinking in this breeds:
  • Dachshound : short or long coated , the three sizes
  • Pomeranian or kleinspit (in FCI if a pom it's over 22 cm then it's a klein)
  • Whippet
  • Italian greyhound
  • Chihuahua short coat or long coat
  • American cocker
  • Another poodle
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