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Old 01-18-2012, 06:36 PM
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Default Snow and more Snow

So we now have 9'' of snow on the ground, including the roads still. Which is awesome, except for on the roads part. >_< I haven't seen a single snow plow around at all! They are probably still doing the main roads, there aren't even any on the city roads.

I didn't have any luck getting to work today either. I got out to my car an hour before work because my friend told me the main roads where not bad, and so we tried getting out of our driveway to get to work and I was completely stuck. I had to have my friend move her car as I just slid towards it no matter what I did, but she was stuck. So we had to get her car out first and by the time she was out it had started snowing pretty hard again. So I was rocking and still wouldn't budge. I had three others pushing as we rocked back and forth and after about 15 minutes got out, but of course half way down the road was stuck again. >_<

The road was ice and because the road is curved I had no option but let it slide down. My friends husband took his truck and pulled me out and the only way I could go was toward the city road, hoping it would be less icy and it wasn't! It was a little less snow covered, but still just as icy. >_<

We had to go all the way around the block to get back to the house after deciding there was no way to make it to work (45 minutes away) and of course we got stuck again. We only got stuck because as we were very slowly going around the corner to the house there where some kids sliding down a hill INTO the road! >_<

We had no idea they where there if it wasn't for some people walking by at that point that saw the kids and us coming and signaled us to stop suddenly. But because we had to hit our brakes a bit hard we slid to the side of the road again and were stuck. It was poopy.

So after the hour of trying to get to a miain road I gave up and called into work. What did they say? "Well I got to work." Seriously?? Not much I can do about it! I gave it an hour of trying and it is just not happening! Plus, it's still snowing hard, so yeah. NOt happening.

Blah, my car is not made for snow driving and neither am I! LOL
OK, done whining.
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