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Old 01-17-2012, 12:19 PM
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Default So nervous but really excited!

So for Christmas, my parents told us they'd be getting my sister and I singing lessons from a vocal coach.

They had lined up a guy who was supposed to be pretty good, so we went to meet him a few weeks ago. He ended up being really cocky and rude. He was nice in ways (like he watched our youtube, and said he was really impressed, and he told us about a guy he could hook us up with who would help us "find our way" in Nashville, and even hook us up in places like the Bluebird Cafe (omg!)) but in other ways he was just rude (for instance, we told him we were really shy, and he was really negative and said "Well it's a little late to start at 20 and 15, don't you think?" and a ton of other little stuff that just made us uncomfortable with him).

So anyway, we looked into another place that's notorious for being the BEST music school in the area (though more expensive ) and talked with the lady who'd be teaching us. She's A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

We told her how we've never really sung in front of anyone before, and that we're really shy, and she said she was the SAME way, and that she was in college before she ever really came out of her shell. And that she'd always loved music, but it was all inside her heart. (And that's exactly how we feel!) She said she completely gets that it's going to be a little awkward for us to sing our hearts out to a complete stranger, but that she wants us to get comfortable with her by doing some warmups with her and talking to her about what we want to do with our music and where we want to go in the music world. She just seems so....awesome. She's very much like us, and very easy to relate to. I like her a LOT.

And the amazing thing is that the music studio is ONE street over from where we saw Justin Bieber shooting his music video! So after we go to our lesson, we're going to walk down where we saw him, and just kind of take in the moment and be reminded why we love music so much, and just....everything. I'm really excited.

But I'm also really nervous because our lesson is tonight, and we have to sing a song for her to show her our range and also show her where we are with our voices, so she knows what to work on with us. When I get really nervous it's hard for me to catch my breath, and obviously you need good breathing to sound good while singing! So I just hope I can sound good. I know we're there to improve, and it's okay not to be perfect, but I just REALLY want to show her what we've got.

Oh, and also, her instructor taught both Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams from Paramore (OMG!!) so I'm rrrreeeaaaalllllyyyyy excited! (But that also puts more pressure on us, because we want to sound good for someone who knows people so high up in the industry!)

Anyway, not sure what the real purpose of this thread is, other than to share my excitement (and nervousness)! Please wish us luck tonight?
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