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Old 01-04-2012, 11:56 PM
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Default I miss you Bear

I need to get this off my chest, I have done nothing but cry for the last hour.

Bear was a Scottish Terrier. He was my everything.
I spent every moment I could with him from the time he was 2 weeks old to the time I brought him home at 7 weeks old. We had an instant bond. The day he was born, I KNEW he would be mine. He looked just like a polar bear cub and that is how he got his name.
I have not got a dog since then, because I feel I am not over him and I know no dog could even compare to him.

He turned 1 year old May 5th, 2009. He died May 8th, the day before I graduated high school. I was so devastated.

I miss him so much. He was the best dog. I loved that dog like he was a child. We went everywhere together, we did everything together.
We went canoeing together, hiking together, swam together, and he would ride in the saddle with me when I rode my horse. He had a bright green life vest with his name printed on it. He thought that was the best thing in the world. My dad and I lived in a tiny, small town and the local grocery store LOVED him so they started allowing me to bring him in there when daddy and I went grocery shopping. Our local mom and pop restaurant even let him come in and eat with us. He LOVED their blueberry cobbler.
He greeted everyone with a smile and a tail wag.

I trusted him so much. He saved my life twice. The first time we were walking in the woods on a trail and the landlord's SIL put those traps out that have the teeth on them and pad in the middle that if you stepped on it, it would clamp down on you. He knew it was there, I didn't see it until I saw the sun glare off of it. He laid down and everytime I went to walk, he would bark.
The second time he saved my life was the day he died. We were walking by the pond and a water moccasin came out of the pond and Bear got between him and I, and it grabbed Bear.
I picked Bear up, not even thinking about the snake, and ran back to the house crying and screaming telling daddy to get the truck keys and lets go to the vet.
He died in my arms on the way to the vet.
I was so mad and hurt that, that snake took my baby boy from me.

I want another dog so bad, I miss that companionship and loyalty. But I know no dog could compare to Bear.

RIP Bear, I will meet you some day at the rainbow bridge.

*Sorry this was so long, I just needed to talk about him*
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