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Old 01-01-2012, 05:58 PM
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Default catahoulas and other curs

Just some questions about the breed, and if you've got knowledge of other curs that would be awesome too.

Are they good with other dogs? I need a dog that gets along with dogs in its own family, it doesn't matter if it gets along with strange dogs or not.

How are they about trespassers? I'd prefer a dog that will wake the dead and roar at people trespassing. Basically, if someone's in my yard that shouldn't be, I want a dog that will wake me up with its fury. The borzois have surprised me once in a while and gotten snarlyface at prowlers, but they don't bark or anything if a person is in the yard and I don't trust them to wake me up if someone broke in. If it's a dog that will try to put itself between an intruder and my family, that's a bonus but I definitely don't expect my dog to risk its life and I'm not going to gamble with our safety expecting that of a dog.

How much activity does a catahoula require? From what I understand, they're very active. After raising Charlie I feel like I could handle one (lol). What is their activity level compared to a German shepherd? A pointer? A malinois? Do they have a good off switch?

Are they really as versatile as the articles say? I'd love to do scent work, when we buy a place I'll have livestock (sheep and cattle) and I'll definitely need some help moving rams around at the very least, but I'm not at all interested in collies or traditional herding breeds. I like hunting, and will probably stay in this state where it's legal to hunt coons and coyotes with dogs.

Also, what are the different lines and their strengths? How do you find a good working breeder? I'm worried about getting a mess of a dog from someone breeding for markings with them getting more popular.
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