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Old 12-25-2011, 09:48 PM
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Default Do you dogs match the Breed Descriptions?

Do your dogs match most breed descriptions of them? How much do they differ, if at all? Or are they totally different than most breed descriptions?

Jackson matches a Silky *almost* to a tee (even though he's most likely a Yorkie -- sooo many people think he's a Silky and I tend to too).

Silky description.... bolded parts are exactly Jackson.

The Silky Terrier, or "Silky," is an energetic, curious, happy, busy, self-assured and loving dog who bonds every strongly with his owner and family. He loves attention and craves your companionship, and he wants to go everywhere and do everything with you. He is not a dog you can leave alone, either inside or outside the house. When bored or ignored he becomes mischievous, and especially loves to dig up your yard! He is a spunky, high-energy dog who is affectionate but doesn't necessarily like to cuddle or be fussed over. He prefers to romp and play with you, and loves ball games and chances to run and play outdoors. He has a great deal of stamina, and needs brisk, daily walks. When outside, he should always be leashed or in a safely fenced area, as he has very strong chase instincts and will run away after small animals. He can also be aggressive toward other dogs, and occasionally suspicious toward strangers. He makes an excellent watchdog because he is alert, suspicious, and intensely protective of his family and territory, and has a very keen sense of hearing. He will warn you with loud, high-pitched barks when he hears or sees something unusual. He can bark too much--in fact he loves to bark!--and must be trained not to do this. He will be barky and standoffish with strangers at first, then after a short while grow comfortable with them. He loves to go out into the world and makes a very good traveling companion. He is easy to train and a quick learner, although he may occasionally be obstinate, and doesn't always obey you. He can be difficult to housebreak. He needs firm and patient training with lots of love, praise and rewards. He is not good with small pets; he is much better at catching rodents than living with them! He can live with a cat if he is raised with it as a puppy. He gets along well with older, well-behaved children, but may not do well with those who are too young and rough with him. He basically doesn't shed, and so would be a good pet if you are a clean-freak.
The only thing he's NOT is aggressive with dogs and was pretty easy to housebreak.

My dad and stepmoms Dachshund is almost exactly a Dachshund description too.

The Dachshund is a bold, tenacious, devoted, loving and protective dog. He has lots of energy and can be an intense pet to live with, but he is also playful, fun, happy and outgoing. He loves to be part of everything and needs lots of attention and scratches from you. He bonds very closely to his owner and will follow you around, and can sometimes be jealous if your attention isn't on him. He's fairly sociable, but reserved and suspicious with strangers. He makes an excellent and dependable watchdog because he's a quick, relentless barker--and because his bark sounds like it's coming from a much larger dog! He's high-energy and needs a regular though moderate amount of daily exercise and play-time inside the house, or outdoors. He is not an outdoor dog, though, and shouldn't be left alone in a yard. If bored, he will dig or chew. He will chase small animals and so needs to be kept on a leash for walks. He is generally fine with other dogs, especially other dachshunds, but he should be socialized with cats while still a puppy. He is not good with younger children; he is better with older children who understand that he can snap or bite when excited. He can sometimes be possessive of people and toys. He can be mischievous: he likes to chase balls without bringing them back! He shouldn't be allowed to jump too much when he plays, or down from high furniture. He needs patience to train because he can be stubborn, and is sometimes only interested in learning what suits him. He is hard to housebreak. He can gain weight quickly, so you need to be careful not to overfeed him. He's a medium-shedder, and might not be a good pet if you are concerned about dog-hair in the house.
Brit & Jackson

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