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Old 12-21-2011, 08:55 PM
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Default New member, fellow dog-crazy person

I was told I 'had' to join here, even though I'd never really heard of this forum, and am not too into forums anymore. I'm a Cardigan person, with 4 Cardis, plus the family Poms, the Husband's German Shepherd, and whatever fosters we happen to be housing at the time.

Apparently I'm limited to 10 photos... I first tried posting this with 29 photos. Man is the culling process hard when you have this many dogs! HAHA!

Traum, CGC, Herding-Tested (10yo Cardigan Welsh Corgi) Traum is our 'grumpy old man', who chooses to keep the couch warm. I may at some point put a rally or obedience title on him (He's done well in matches), but he prefers to stay home over going to events!

Galaxy, CGC, TT, ORT1, Herding Tested, Lost Dog SAR trained, IABCA conformation pointed, medical alert service dog, etc (5yo Cardigan Welsh Corgi) Cee is the 'do it all' dog of the family, who is simply an amazing, drivey worker, and intuitive partner. She's even done protection sport training, which is freaking hilarious as she'll fly and hit the sleeve- the training club referred to her as a "stubby Malinois" which is quite accurate!

Roy Rogers, ORT1, UKC CH and multi UKC group winner and placer, AKC conformation pointed, Herding Tested (18mos Cardigan Welsh Corgi) RoRo is very promising in conformation, and performance. Goal for this year is not only titles in front, but more titles behind his name.

Sekrit (1yr Pomeranian) Sekrit is my 7yo daughters main junior showmanship and training dog They're working on musical-freestyle, foundation agility, and CCG-ready come next available testing opportunity. Sekrit has a promising future as a therapy dog, so after she passes her CGC, we plan on working towards her TDI certification. Sekrit and Miley (Both our Poms) hike, and play at the lake like the normal dogs. They don't know they're each 5lbs and under!

Miley (1yo Pomeranian) Also used in Junior showmanship with my daughter, but thinks she's "my dog". Spoiled little spitfire, starting in foundation agility, and very promising in scent detection work. She's very much the spoiled little snot of the family keeping everyone on their toes! She's sure when she grow up, she's going to be a 150lb Alaskan Malamute. Dream big, baby girl!

Maegan, UKC conformation pointed at 6mos 6 days (6mo Cardigan Welsh Corgi) Maegan is from my first litter. If you know Keeva, this is her sister. Both Galaxy puppies. I'm crossing fingers Maegan keeps her show promise for AKC, UKC, and IABCA shows, plus we're training for multiple performance venues.

3.5wo Maegan

Archer (5mo German Shepherd Dog) Archer is pure DDR working lines. Hubby wanted a 'real dog', since Cardis and Poms aren't his idea of a 'real dog' to take to work with him heehee Archer will show UKC, IABCA, and we're started in scent detection training. I have plans to do some protection sport/schutzhund with him, too. He's Hubby's dog, so it'll all depend on how busy I am with my Cardigans, and how much Hubby lets me steal him for training and competitions!

We foster, and transport for a few rescues, so often have rescues coming in and out. I'm a professional pet photographer, doing photography for rescues/shelters, pet owners, as well as ad photos for breeders and handlers. I'm an artist with a popular collection of all-breed hand-made jewelry and art (DreamEyce Studio), sold on Etsy, and through vendors and shops around the world, as well as often used as dog show awards. I teach the occasional training class, mainly puppy classes, and K9 Nosework, which are my main training passions but I do occasionally teach other classes.
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