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Old 12-12-2011, 11:57 AM
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Default Baby Cornsnake Photo Update

While I still have these babies, I figure I might as well share more pics!

I'm sure all of you have heard this by now, but it bears repeating. These babies are from a pair on loan from Carol of Low Belly Reptiles.

For those who are snake savvy with genes, the parents are Amelanstic het.Hypomelanistic/Lavender/Cinder x same.

I've guessed at all the morphs. Any or all of them may have the Hypomelanistic gene, but that is masked by Amelanistic, so only future breeding trials can prove whether or not they have Hypo. Also, it's entirely possible that I'm wrong about the Cinders and Opals. When they hatched I thought I had 3 Cinders and 1 Opal... now I think there is 1 Cinder and 3 Opals... go figure. (Plus, any of the Opals may ALSO have Cinder... I just don't know. LOL!)

Okay, on to what you all really want... PICTURES!!!

Baby #1 - Amelanistic

Baby #2 - Amelanistic

Baby #3 - Amelanistic

Baby #4 - Peppermint (Amel Cinder)

^^Probably keeping this one.

Baby #5 - Opal (Amel Lavender)

Baby #6 - Amelanistic

Baby #7 - Opal (Amel Lavender)

Baby #9 - Amelanistic

Baby #10 - Amelanistic

Baby #11 - Opal (Amel Lavender)

Hope you enjoy! I know I am!!!
~ Cynthia ~
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