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Old 10-19-2011, 11:51 PM
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Default Which one to go with?!? (breeder)

I'm so confused right now. So as many of you know I've been looking for BC breeders for a while with mixed results. From no puppies to pet homes, to can't sell you a dog if you want to do flyball to need previous breed experience.

I've finally found 2 breeders that seem like possible choices.

1. Somewhat local (5ish hour drive), has a few dogs that she breeds 1-2 times every few years. She doesn't have very many dogs though and most of her breedings including an outside stud, or it's her stud being bred to someone else's bitch. I like her breeding philosophy, she seems honest about her dogs. She says some are a little sound sensitive as in if there's a thunderstorm, 2 of them will whine and pace in their crates. Does all the health tests I like. I found her through another person in the area that has her dogs and highly highly recommends her (I'll call this person B). However, person B says she's familiar with most of the other breeders I've talked to as well and she doesn't recommend almost all of them. She says she wouldn't own their lines, they don't health test and breed too much (they do health test but I don't know how much they breed). Some of their dogs' lines she wouldn't touch, etc. She is trying pretty hard to steer me towards this breeder. I will probably meet her and her dogs in the future to see if I like them. Person B co-owns one of this breeder's breeding dogs and most of her dogs are from this breeder's lines.

Color is one of the lowest priorities on my list, but this breeder doesn't have any dogs of the color I like (merle). I guess it's not a big deal if she produces spectacular dogs, stable dog with good off switch by far over-rides color but I like to have the option.

Breeder 1 lives on a small farm and all her breeding dogs are working dogs as well as open level trial winners. She doesn't seem to be as well known in the herding community. It could be because she's not in the bestest of health and doesn't travel as far as frequently.

2. Breeder 2 is far away. In the US, and on the other side (I'm on the west coast of Canada, she's on the east coast). I may be able to meet her, but maybe not. Pup will have to be shipped probably. None of her dogs are sound sensitive she said because she lives close to a shooting range and trains right beside the range. She does the exact same health tests as breeder 1. She also works her dogs on her farm and attends a lot of trials on the east coast. Her name is pretty well known within the herding community. She seems to have lots of good references in the BC community. I think her lines are a bit more well established and I know one person with one of her dogs that he loves. She has one or two trialing merles (I forget how many because she doesn't have a website) all at open level so I would have the option to pick merle if I wanted to.

Is there a better choice here??

PM me if you want to know the specific names of the breeders.

I just asked them about contracts today so certain things on the contract might sway me in one direction but for now from all the info I have I'm really stuck...

I want to minimize sound sensitivity...but going to a closer breeder is easier to meet their dogs....

Any suggestions?

PS. This is for far in the future though, like 3 years or so. I just want to start planning and meeting the breeders/dogs early.
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