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Old 10-13-2011, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by HayleyMarie View Post
Is that because of BYB's
Short answer: Yes. LOL.

Long answer: IMHO the prevalence of timidity in the breed began with BYB getting ahold of the breed and their temperaments going to hell, and then people (Joe Public as well as newbie breeders) began to think that this sort of temperament was normal in the breed... that it was acceptable... and they allowed it into their breeding program. I think some people also completely misunderstand the standard - they read "reserved with strangers" and think that means "does not want to go anywhere near a stranger" is okay. The standard actually says flat out that shyness and timidity is a FAULT in the breed, but some people just don't make it that far in reading the standard. ;P
So it is a problem in the breed, but it is not normal for the breed and if you do your research and find somebody who knows what they are doing and you have met their dogs, you most likely will NOT have a problem with an overly shy dog. That said, even with a good breeder, sometimes stuff happens and a dog goes a bit off (see: Pepper) - but I think that goes for a lot of breeds. I have heard of it with border collies too... dogs that are very sensitive, soft to corrections, shy, nervous and flighty. I sorta think the herding dog nature sometimes lends itself to things being a bit easy to get out of hand... there is a thread here from maybe a few years back where we were talking about the common misconceptions with border collies and problems in the breed and I felt like it was very similar to the way people perceive shelties. Some of that also goes back to how much is nature and how much is nurture, besides the fact that with genes, you are playing a bit of a crapshoot anyway.

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Old 10-13-2011, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by HayleyMarie View Post

Question: Is being overly timid a common thing in Sheties?? I know Tylers shelie was so timid and fearful when it came to people she did and did not know. I was around that dog for 4 years and it was always fearful towards me.

And I have met quite a few sheties who have been timit like that as well.

Is that because of BYB's
I think most herding breeds can be like this, so I agree with Beanie. I know more timid/shy herding type breeds than any other type. I heard one BC person say that herding dogs tend to straddle so many extremes in temperament and drives that when something goes 'off' it tends to go really off. That's been my experience. Our Collie mix we had was very similar to Trey in that he was pretty inept. You get part of that brain and drive but not the rest and you can end up with a very spacey dog.

My shy sheltie was ironically the only decently bred one I'd had. He was painfully timid. They should be a bit aloof and wary but I think it's just easy for them to go too far to the extreme. My BYB dogs were very confident and well rounded. Now I am NOT saying that BYB dogs are going to be good and well bred dogs bad, just pointing out it's not always a breeding thing. Trey's relatives were completely normal, but he was just really strange. Sometimes you just get a weird dog from a good breeding.

Originally Posted by Beanie View Post
They do shed, but it's different than how some dogs (like a GSD or something) shed. They tend to tumbleweed rather than just dropping hair all over the place, LOL. And often they shed and it's like a little tuft of white that starts floating around in the coat and you just reach down and pull it out...
I usually find little tumbleweeds hanging out in the corners of rooms and I vacuum once a week and it's not terrible. If I don't vacuum and it goes to two weeks I vacuum up a whole dog and it looks kinda bad. They blow coat twice a year and that's the worst time, but I usually keep it under control by giving Auggie a nice warm bath, using my forced air dryer, then line brushing outside. It's best to brush outside during shedding season because the hair tends to just go flying everywhere and I find it easier to be outside and just let it fly. =P

Most people say if you brush them once a week, that keeps it under control. Honestly, Auggie doesn't quite get brushed that often... and I didn't brush Pepper that often either. Maybe once every other week or so? Just depending on when they "looked" or "felt" like they needed it, and usually I just grabbed one of my combs and did a quick job.

That said, if you like to wear black (or even dark blue), you'll need to invest in some fabric rollers. It's not so bad that you have to roll your clothes all the time, but usually I'll put on a black t-shirt and then wrestle with the boys, then look down and go "...oh. Oops!" But I think that goes for most dog breeds (and cats too), really.
Yeah that. The shedding isn't that bad. It's certainly more than you'd need for a single coat like a papillon but I don't think it'd be any harder than any other double coated, longhaired breed. I would be lying if I said we brushed ours weekly, but I would say weekly or bi-weekly would be ideal.

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