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Old 09-27-2011, 10:23 AM
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Default Abby's First Agility Class

First I must say I love our instructor. She's kinda hyper and enthusiastic like her JRT's lol. Turns out there are actually like 8 other people in the class with us, but 7 of them(or however many there were) are already on their 4th week (I think). So this will be their last 4 weeks(I think) whereas this is mine and another handlers(I know her from another forum and she's about the same age as me) first week. Anyways it was a great experience and I can't wait until next week!

We got there freaking like 40 minutes early because my dad had a meeting and he had to drop me off. So we spent like 30mins walking up and down the street before being able to enter the gate...

Abby was shockingly really well behaved, but the crating was just awful. She whined and barked the entire time when I had to put her in(all of like 5 minutes) while I did this exercise with the other handlers and after when she was able to come out dear god she was like yes!!! So I need to work with her on that. I think it was a mixture of being in a strange environment with lots of strange dogs, the crate smelling like zillions of other dogs, and the fact it was one of those travel crates which she has never been in before made her freak a bit. And looking back no kong or bully stick would have occupied her...

Last night we did some targeting work which Abby needs some work on. So we'll do some work with targeting this week and hopefully get down a really good nose touch. She also had her first time using a tunnel! She was a bit timid at first, but eventually she went through and in her second rep she did it without hesitation. We also did some work with uprights and she did really well. The lady who was there helping out with our instructor said she was doing really well especially for her first time in a situation like this. ahh I love my baby girl

I was really surprised at how focused she was. I was literally able to get her to do spins rather enthusiastically and some speed drops(well speed downs) while we were in line to do the obstacles. I was so proud of my baby and how well behaved she was. with the exception of the beginning when the instructor was running her JRT Abby was like "small fluffy thing wanna chase!" She was also a bit weird with certain dogs getting in her space(the dogs weren't supposed to interact, but a few times some of the dogs came up to her and she was like uh....), but that's normal and she didn't snap or anything.

mmm let's see what else?

Our homework for the week is to work more on targeting and eventually move it to the ground etc. Also to work on speed downs. So tomorrow we'll do some work and Abby seems to really enjoy it.

Oh and let's not forget Mr.Bo-man. Apparently when we left Bo was all depressed. Poor pup... it's ok it will be your turn some day when we get over some of your fear-issues

Overall I love it and it was a lot of fun and Abby really seemed to enjoy herself also... well after she was out of the crate at least
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Old 09-27-2011, 11:53 PM
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Cool, have fun. Warning: Agility is highly addicting
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Old 10-03-2011, 09:59 PM
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hehe I know Abby will be my first agility dog, but I'm already hooked. Plan to do it with my aussie when I finally bring him/her home next year and with my future dogs granted they enjoy it!

We had our second class tonight and Abby was awesome! She even got to be a demo dog because she's just that beast lol. Anyway I'm to tired to post the whole story, but check out our blog everything about tonight is there.

Star Agility
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