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Old 09-27-2011, 10:47 AM
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Default Just for fun-dogs for my brothers

Like the title says, this thread is just for fun. I want to see what breeds you think my brothers would like. I do think they will all end up with a dog someday (well Danny will only if he stays with his girlfriend, he has no particular need for animals).

Matt- No dog experience beyond family pets. Likes comical dogs, his favorites look wise and chillness wise are Frenchies and Bulldogs. He likes chill attitudes, no high energy dogs for him and no particular spazzy dogs (he hates when Tucker jumps up and barks, especially barks). He lives and will always live in or very close to a city, right now he lives in an apartment. Needs a very tolerant dog, Matt is somewhat childish and would enjoy things like dressing the dog up. Matt travels a lot so the dog would need to be able to adjust to being cared for by sitters or boarding kennels easily, so generally friendly dogs. Matt will likely have kids someday, so kid tolerant (which it needs to be anyway to tolerate Matt). I guess Matt is your typical bachelor. He probably won't do much in the way of training commands, but he thinks tricks are funny. So the dog doesn't have to be particularly smart of biddable, but should not be super hard to motivate. Even if you had to dangle a treat to get the dog to do a funny trick he'd be fine with that. He likes to walk around the city himself with his ipod so I'm sure he'll bring the dog.

Brian- Again, no dog experience beyond family pets. His favorite looks wise are Bernese Mountain dogs...I feel like he's mentioned something else but I can't remember. Anyway I think he likes beauty and power more than cuteness. Middle of the road energy is probably best for him. Brian is sort of short tempered, every time he comes in the door and Tucker barks he yells shut up (which is just as annoying as the dog barking). I think he's more bothered that the dog is barking at HIM than at the dog just barking. He really likes to cuddle and play with the animals but wouldn't want something super clingy, it would annoy him. He too will likely have children some day. Brian is more authoritative than my other brothers, I'm not sure what level of training he'd be interested in though. I'd say basic obedience. It's possible he'll own cats too.

Danny and Heather (girlfriend)- This is mostly going to be what Heather wants combined with what Danny needs as Danny won't get a dog if there is no Heather. He likes dogs, just not enough for all that responsibility. He'll do it, but he'd rather not. Neither have owned their own dogs, just childhood pets, though I believe Heather's dog died more recently so she might have a bit of experience taking care of one. Her dog was an Akita and she really likes them...I'm not so sure they're a great fit, but I don't know much about them. They don't like super excitable dogs, something dignified is better. Something that is not clingy but will come for pets when you call him over. So it doesn't have to love strangers but should be calm and non-aggressive. They have a cat so it needs to be fine with cats and should be fine with other dogs (not necessarily to live with, but out in public). Heather will be more likely to bring the dog places like the pet store and dog friendly events, she really likes animals, though not to the extent of me whose life revolves around them. I think she will like to train him to follow commands and do tricks, but would do best with a biddable dog. Calmness is really key with them more than anyone else. Not necessarily laziness, though they are not active people, but more, non-reactive or spazzy. I'm not sure what amount of exercise the dog would get, they are probably the laziest of us all, I'd hope they'd step up the plate and walk the dog. She likes playing with dogs so he'd at least get that. Size does not matter much, she prefers large dogs but if a small dog fits better then so be it. They will likely have children as well. As far as I know Danny has never mentioned what sort of looks he likes in dogs, he doesn't really know many breeds beyond Labs, Shar Peis, Akitas, and Chihuahuas.

So yeah, this should be interesting. If you can only answer for one of them that's fine, I just want to see what you all come up with. For all I know they'll all get mutts, though I feel like Matt's going to get a purebred *hopefully with my help*.

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Old 09-27-2011, 11:43 AM
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Don't know about Brian or Danny and Heather, but I think Matt might like a Boston Terrier or Brussels Griffon.
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Old 09-27-2011, 12:08 PM
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I think a Boston Terrier would be too high energy for Matt. They are VERY bouncy and jumpy.... and often have endless amounts of energy. I dogsit for one who is a mix and is VERY needy and could go on a 5 mile walk, come home and still be bouncing off the walls. He will just chill when you need him to but I wouldn't say he's ever "off" and from my experience, a lot of younger Bostons are like this.

Anyways, for Matt- it does sound like a Frenchie would work for him, IMO. Or a Pug. Generally good for apartments, usually love everybody including kids, tend to be goofy and clown-like, don't think they'd mind being dressed up at all, in fact they would probably love the attention. Definitely trainable if you put your mind to it, but certainly not going to be the most biddable, but it sounds like exactly what he wants. So, yeah, Frenchie and Pug first came to my mind. Other random ones... maybe a Dachshund? Although not sure how much they'd like kids and strangers, I think they tend to be stand off ish? But don't require too much exercise but would probably be happy with a few walks around the city.

Brian - hmmm, that's a tough one. No breeds immediately pop into my mind. Would he go for a giant breed, like an English Mastiff? I've looked into them a lot lately however am still learning, so I am not sure how affectionate they can be or velcro-y. It'd be lots of drool and lots of food, but they seem like they don't require a whole lot of exercise, but basic training is pretty important so you don't have a 180-200lb dog acting like a fool that you can't control. Generally seem like good family dogs, good with kids, but they are an expensive breed to own, just because everything costs so much more.
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