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Old 05-19-2004, 03:09 PM
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Default when a dog has separation anxiety??

I think that's the problem. I mentioned that I have a 3 yr. old husky mix named Addie, and a 5 mo. old german shepard named Hammie. I've had Hammie since he was 9 weeks old. He was always inside due to cold weather except for housebreaking (which was really easy..had him broke in two weeks). We've just had a dog pen installed for them, it is 20' by 32'. They each have a doghouse. This is a protected space to leave them when I have to go out, or just need to get some work done. Addie has always slept outside, so now that the weather is warm I decided Hammie could, too. It took it really well and never whimpered or barked...BUT, OH DEAR...I GET MAULED in the morning when I go to get them. I know he may be happy...but he gets into a frenzy before I reach the gate...which gets Addie in a frenzy. May sound simple...but it's really awful for about 15 mins. I tried sounding harsh...saying the command word I've always used 'settle!'....nothing but crazy. I have also tried remaining very calm....TRYING to get him to sit while talking to him gently. I've tried to just let him out first, hoping he'd run around the yard a bit to get it out of his system. He jumps, whimpers, sometimes nips....basically he acts like something needing saved from a burning building. Even when it's 80 degrees, I have to go get them with a long sleeve jacket and long pants. Hammie is already 55 lbs. Sorry so long...would appreciate any suggestions. THANKS!!!!!!!!
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Old 05-20-2004, 10:30 AM
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Debi, what can I say . . . you may end up letting them sleep inside. When I come home, I always hope Charlie's gotten home ahead of me so the onslaught will be a tad less devastating! When I let my crew out, Bimmer, gentleman that he is, stops at the door to greet me. Kharma's next, wriggling and happy, but actually fairly well mannered, especially for a four month old puppy (who weighs over 40 pounds). Then comes letting Shiva off the porch. She has to stay on the porch because she is a marauding fiend, helping herself to anything and everything in her reach if we aren't home - and nothing is out of her reach at this point! I stand BEHIND the door and let her out. She runs through the house (have to let her in through the house because if I don't latch the hook on the porch door she can open it), out the front door, pivots on the stoop, and charges back into the house to find me. By this time I've managed to shut the door behind me and brace myself against it. She is SOOOOO happy to see me! She tries to contain her joy, but even contained, a 130 pound puppy is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing stops her, and I think the only thing that might faze her would be a cattle prod, which is, of course, totally out of the question. (g)

Addie may calm down after awhile, since this is something new to him. Or he may always be beside himself when you let him out of the pen. You might want to file his nails periodically to take any sharp edges off.

You might try teaching him "Down." That actually works for Shiva about half the time; the trick with Shiva is getting her to focus on it instead of what she wants to do. I use both hands in front of me with a pushing down movement, which does double duty, allowing me to have two hands in front of me to push her back when necessary.

I must admit, though, sometimes I just give in and put my arms around her neck and hug her when she does her thing. It's hard not to when she just loves me so much that my coming home is the best thing that's happened to her all day.
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Old 05-20-2004, 11:26 AM
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That's a tuffy... I know a guy who trained his dog to not get
excited when he comes home. He just doesn't pay any attention
to the dog for about 10 minutes. Just totally ignores him each and
everytime for about 10 minutes... just checks his water, puts his
food down, and goes about his business.
After about 10-15 minutes, he deliberatly pays attention to him as
normal and both are happy. I might add he did this from day one so
the dog thought this was normal all his life.

I tried this myself, but actually decided I liked the attention and love
more than my dogs did, so I let them go

"The first clue of dog ownership is soiled clothes"
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