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Old 09-01-2011, 04:36 AM
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Question Dog Grooming Muzzles?

Is there any type of dog muzzle out there that is made specifically for groomers so they can muzzle the dog but still be able to groom the dog's face/snout? It seems all of the muzzles out there are either cages, or nylon muzzles which cover the whole snout.

The reason I ask is because I have a 14 year old male Terrier/Llhasa mix who has gotten very, very cranky with his old age. He's completely blind in one eye, and the other eye we got laser eye surgery done but I'm not sure it brought back his full vision. Yes, I'm aware dogs usually get both eyes done but for whatever reason this vet only did one which seems odd since why would you want to put an old dog under anesthesia again? He also is slightly arthritic, he's losing some hearing, he's diabetic, just basically your typical old dog. What makes all of it worse is that he's a neurotic terrier who has hated dog grooming his whole life. He did not start snapping until only recently though.

The Groomers basically said they wouldn't allow Shadow back unless he was under sedation which is just out of the question for me. He's 14 with a whole mess of medical ailments. There is just too much risk involved plus it would took him a few days to fully recover from something like that. There are other Groomers in the area but they are all more expensive, don't do nearly as good of a job, and don't do anal sacs.

Shadow is fine with being washed, and you can groom his entire body and back legs. He just does NOT like his face or front paws being touched by anyone except me and even then he's not the biggest fan.

I've scoured the internet and there is only one muzzle I could find which would allow his face/snout to be muzzled while being groomed.

DOG GROOMING TRAINING No Bark No Bite Comfort Muzzle *M on eBay!

Shadow has to be groomed every 2-3 months or he will start shedding. His face absolutely has to be groomed as well to avoid matting and also because the hair will grow around his eyes and inhibit his vision even even more.

Shadow may be an old cranky man but he's actually still a very healthy/active dog who really enjoys his life. He still has more time left on this earth so I have to find a solution to this problem so any input/comments/tips/product/suggestions would be deeply appreciated by Shadow and I.

A picture of younger Shadow in his heyday:

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