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Old 08-30-2011, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by NicoleLJ View Post
THis is so good it has to be repeated. Doug LOVES the LOOK of huskies. He adores them. Always wanted one. BUT as I got to know him I learned that what he likes in a dogs character is not what a husky is. So I kept telling him "no this is not what you want. Trust me." What he wanted was a husky with a German Shepherd personality like Sheena. He just could not figure out that each breed is an indiviual and though you may love the look the breed personality may not fit you. He just was not convinced so we got Luna who is a mix of a husky, GSD and lab. Though lab was dominant in her looks her personality is a lot more husky. He loves Luna but he now sees that though he may love the look of the breed he will never agian own a husky. Nothing agianst the breed. They are gorgeous dogs, very smart, very strong and so on. But they require a certian type of owner. I have worked with the breed before so training Luna has not been to difficult. But Doug has a hard time dealing with the fact that Luna will never be a Sheena. He has learned that he has to look at the total dog and not the looks when determining the type of breed he wants. Sometimes that is what it takes for someone to realize it. And like I said he loves Luna. He looks forward to teaching her to pull a sled and wagon, to taking her for runs with his bike and so on.
Sounds like he wants a tamaskan (a registered one, not one of the crapshoot copycat knockoffs)
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