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Old 08-23-2011, 07:46 AM
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Default First few days of puppy bliss..

Well, I knew it was too good to be true. The first three days of him being at home he went on the puppy pads every time.

Yesterday- he had around 3-4 accidents! I was able to catch him and put him on the pads a few times.. but one or two of the times he just sat down next to me and then got up and he had peed. It didn't even look like he was squatting. Little sh*@. We keep catching him and moving him to the pad. Not sure why he went from going reliably and now not thinking about it- but we are on him. He will eventually get it. I had a puppy cleaner with the zinc enyme (i think) to help with the smell so he doesn't continue to go on the carpet.

We took Bruce to the puppy vet yesterday. Let me say- that I am THRILLED to have found this vet. He was SO nice and really knowledgeable. Brucey got his second set of shots- and he was NOT happy about it. He had the pathetic look on his face and boy did he try to basically MERGE INTO ME. He was pushing his body up against me SO CLOSELY.... it was very sweet.

When we got home, he had the major zoomies! He was going nuts and it was lots of fun to watch.

My fiance stayed home from work yesterday and today. He sent me this picture while I was at work to get through my day faster...

I've been doing clicker training with him- and he gets that the click= a treat. Yesterday I worked on his name. He is ALMOST there. He will look at me 80% of the time when I say "Bruce!".

I just wanted to give an update. Does anyone have any thoughts about the puppy pads- and why he is now choosing other spots than the pads? He isn't going in the SAME spots- so its not like he smells the urine and goes back to the area. We have been cleaning them pretty well.
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