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Old 08-22-2011, 12:14 PM
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Default I know, I know...

First, let me say that I went ahead and bought a dog from a pet store. I had no intention of doing so. I went there to just show my kids the puppies. Ironically, there was only one and it was resting. While my kids were walking around, I started to talk to the rep and fell for the puppy. She is an Australian Shepherd, born June 13, black and white. She's a real sweetheart. I know that people don't recommend buying from a pet store, but she was half off since this pet supplier in particular was discontinuing dog sales.

Now, here's my dilemma. I'm trying to get this puppy trained. I get the feeling she wasn't properly socialized as a puppy, so I'm sure she was supplied by a commercial breeder. When I put food and water down, she won't eat or drink if I'm around. She wants to be buy me. I don't want to leave her alone though since I'm trying to potty train her. I also don't want her food and water in her kennel since I don't want her to have enough room in there for that.

The next problem is with potty training. She has no idea that outside is where she is supposed to go potty. She wants to play and she just sniffs around my legs. I put her in her kennel overnight, with just enough room for her to stand and turn around, and she definitely went potty. What's the best way to fix this. I need to potty train her fast, and the crate method was my best option. I don't have the time to watch her like a hawk all the time.

I appreciate all input and will provide input if needed.
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Old 08-22-2011, 12:25 PM
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That's the biggest issue with mill/petstore dogs. They've learned to potty in the same area they eat and sleep, so in their minds, just because they've got a bigger place, doesn't mean anything has changed.

Set up a strict routine, tether her to you for the first few weeks and figure out her patterns. Most puppies will need to go out immediately upon waking, soon after eating or drinking and playtime is sort of hit and miss. Many pups will stop in the middle of what they're doing during play to eliminate and then continue on.

There are a few stickies on here that will give you more info.

Welcome to the board!
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Old 08-22-2011, 12:29 PM
Koruptified Koruptified is offline
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What should I do about the crate issue? She seems to be able to poop 12 hours after she's last eaten. I'm not used to that. I need to be able to crate her for the time I'm at work or sleeping without fear she'll go potty. How would you suggest solving that problem?
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Old 08-22-2011, 12:35 PM
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How long was "overnight"? She is what, 10 weeks? I would still be taking her out throughout the night at this point. Is she pottying in the crate often or just if left in there for longer periods? How often is she getting taken out during the day?

Definitely get on socialization asap...the window is closing and with being a mill pup its going to be an uphill battle.

For feeding, I would set up and x-pen for a bit for food and water and expect a couple accidents...then as the pup gets comfortable switch to hand feeding (I would try hand feeding first but if pup was too nervous I would give a bit of time to settle)
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Old 08-22-2011, 12:49 PM
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I have a mill rescue I didn't pay for. I got her because my roommate decided to support skeazy breeding.

You may want to potty train your dog quickly. It may sadly be a pipe dream that takes months and months. It did for me. Cider was a dirty dog because she lived in a crate and had to potty there. Typical of a petstore setup as they have to potty where they sleep and eat.

There is no way to prevent your dog from going in a crate. You can try to minimize the extra space, but you may simply come back to a poopy or pee covered dog who needs a bath a day. I'd remove the bedding and look into something easy to clean like a rubber mat so the potty messes aren't absorbed into the bedding.

Sadly, this may be a long process. Took me at least 6 months of having Cider possibly closer to 9. She was nearly a year before we broke the cycle and got it fixed.

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Old 08-22-2011, 01:54 PM
Koruptified Koruptified is offline
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Thanks for the advice so far!

She finally started to eat. I think my biggest problem for sure is her lack of desire to hold it in to go outside. I took her outside, she peed, and I praised her and gave her a treat. I crated her so that I could run to the store really quickly. I was gone for about 30 minutes. Came back to let her out again and found out that she pooped again.

It seems as if she doesn't realize she needs to hold it. How do I get her to actually realize this? I understand it could be a process and I'm going to do it. I feel like I'd have this issue even with a rescue pup because don't they typically eat/sleep/potty in the same spot?
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Old 08-22-2011, 02:15 PM
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The thing is that puppies can not reliably hold it...if they have to go they have to go.

Their little systems need time to mature. So that part will take time. She will get better when she learns she needs to let you know that she has to go. Right now the best thing you can do is learn how her little body works and anticipate her.
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Old 08-22-2011, 02:27 PM
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How old is she? And do you have pictures

ETA. June 13th... Oops.

Now pics??
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Old 08-22-2011, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Koruptified View Post
I feel like I'd have this issue even with a rescue pup because don't they typically eat/sleep/potty in the same spot?
No. Unless its a bad rescue, or they lived like that before the rescue got them. A rescue will raise puppies the same way a breeder will and set up a pen or large area where the pup has a distinct sleeping area away from the poop area.

Pet stores and puppy mills are notorious for producing dirty dogs. Esp if they stay in the pet store for any length of time. They stay in such tiny areas that they HAVE to go right where they snooze and eat.
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Old 08-22-2011, 05:47 PM
Koruptified Koruptified is offline
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I thank everyone for the advice so far.

I actually had to return the dog for treatment because she has something that is causing her stool to soften and actually had a little blood in her last stool. I had only had her for a day, so that's a little disappointing. At the same time, I wonder now if I should just go ahead and go to a rescue.

I thought the little Aussie Shepherd was awesome, but I'm kind of interested in border collies too. I would love a dog that can be agile and go running, hiking, and can play frisbee catch. Any suggestions?
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