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Old 08-19-2011, 08:35 AM
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Default Goodbye Hutch

We had to let him go. There, I said it. On Tuesday afternoon we had to rush Hutch to the vet and say our final goodbye. It was the day after his 8th birthday.

Hutch came to us when he was 10 months old. Severely malnurished, abused, and a physically a mess. Emotionally he was unscathed. The boy loved people and mostly he loved me. He grew into a beast of a dog, a healthy weight of 185lbs. He changed my life...forever.

His horrible past caught up with him young though. His left shoulder was dysplastic, his back was poor, his hind end had mild dysplasia. Without Metacam he could not move, on Metacam he was a puppy again! Which had its good and bad side effects. Even though he felt good his body could not handle the stress of activity. Little did we know that while he was seemingly doing wonderful other hidden issues were moving him toward the end. He battled with hyperkeritosis his entire life and in the end cancer developed and he began to hemorrage.

Because of him we started taking other homeless Saint Bernards into our home. The breed got under our skin. Sure, they drool and shed everywhere. They are big and always underfoot. But they are so kind, so loyal, so gentle, so...I'm not even sure that there is a word for it but we all feel it towards our breed of choice. Hutch saved many many more Saints from euthanization and horrible situations. His legacy lives in those Saints living out their lives being loved and cared for.

I own my own grooming shop and boutique because of this dog. He made me realize that dogs were my life and I had to follow my dream. He gave me the push to not only live and love dogs, but to work dogs too!

2 days before he left us we were walking around our yard and he just sat down and rested his head on my side. I knew he was on limited time so we just stood their enjoying one another. I stroked his head and we were quiet. Quiet until Boe the bumbling smart as a bag of rocks Saint foster we currently have came bounding up. He usually gave Hutch a wide birth, but he came over to my other side and sat. Hutch gave him a look and then leaned back into me. Hutch never did this, he could tolerate our fosters but he didn't like to share his one on one time. I stood there with the boys and I just knew his time was almost over, I knew that he knew it.

He was my heart dog and I am broken right now. I haven't found the courage to move his bed yet and each morning when I wake up his empty bed is on my side of the bedroom, and it all rushes back to me. I know that time will help, but he wasn't just a dog. He was part of my family.

I love you Hutchie-bear. I miss you more than I would have ever imagined.
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