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Old 06-25-2011, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Lizmo View Post
By saying they aren't pack animals, do you mean they can survive outside of a pack of dogs?
I mean they don't live in a pack structure if you leave them to their own devices. In fact they socialize pretty much just like domestic cats. They don't form stable groups (like a pack) they mate with who ever they like (not like a pack) Studies have shown that while the dogs are often seen in the company of others, that the individuals in a group change on a regular bases. This is VERY unpack like. They don't co operate to hunt, share raising young duties.

They just hang out with buds. There is little in the way of strict hierarchies (though even wolves don't have strict ones like dominance aficionados would have you believe)

Dogs are opportunistic scavengers. That doesn't mean they can't hunt, just that is not their strong point, nor their first choice (as a species)

Originally Posted by Lizmo View Post
Could you explain this more?
People when in a group of strangers will do strange things during a mob. When people talk about dogs 'packing up' its more akin to mob mentatity than a pack. These dogs when they are done attacking what ever it is they attacked often go on their seperate ways. Just like people who over turn cars, smash windows etc. That doesn't mean the other people in the mob are you 'family' or even associates. Claiming that people in a mob are the true and "REAL" way that people live is silly.

The whole dominace/pack/alpha dog thing interests me alot. I'm not sure I understand much of it (which is why I would like to learn more), but it does interest me since I do have a female who is 'alpha dog' in our group of dogs.

Originally Posted by Lizmo View Post
Is it not correct to use terms like 'alpha' or 'dominate' when describing a dog who is clearly in control of the other dogs?
Not really. Even a lot of scientists have stopped using it as its not useful and often misunderstood. Also dogs that are often called alpha are often just bullies, the play police, or socially inappropriate. An 'alpha' dog would be calm, relaxed and not likely to try to control other dogs. They would be confident if something came along that they wanted it, it would be theirs. Even in wolves they don't tend to call one 'alpha' and no dominate isn't really correct either. I have yet to see any dog dominate another one. I have seen humans dominate dogs though.

Originally Posted by Lizmo View Post
Also, when speaking about 'pack animals', are people referring to a literal pack of dogs or are they referring to animals and humans?
They are referring to the animal's natural state. Ie horses are herd animals, wolves are pack animals, tigers are solitary, geese pair bond.
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