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Old 06-21-2011, 08:27 PM
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Default Dominance in Domestic Dogs

Does anyone know of any reputable websites (.gov, .edu, etc), journal articles, or books discussing the dominance theory in domestic dogs (I'd prefer scientific studies or otherwise sources with a relatively 'neutral' stance).

It occurred to me today that I've pretty much been "spoon fed" my position on domestic dog pack behavior or lack-thereof. As I'm sure has happened with all of you at some point or another, conversations such as the following are not an uncommon occurrence.

Person: *insert comment on dog dominance*
Me: "I don't believe that most dog behavior originates from an attempt to be dominant."
Person: "Why do you say that?"
Me: "Well, it seems to me to be a lack of training. It's also been noted that domestic dogs don't actually form packs and pack hierarchies the way that wolves do..."
Person: "Says who?"
Me: "uh, well....." *goes on to mumble something about a dog forum on the internet.*

I am not the type of person to regurgitate information and it bothers me that I really haven't done my own research on a subject that is so meaningful to me.

I am not looking for your opinion. I am, however, looking for the primary sources from which you derived that opinion. Thank you in advance!

As a sidenote, how does one add a poll to a thread?

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