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Old 01-12-2004, 10:55 AM
Sols Mum Sols Mum is offline
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Unhappy Defecating dog

Hiya Iím Stacie and have an 18 month old male Rottie called Sol. Until recently Sol was doing brilliantly, I even had plans to get a friend for him, but have decided to put that on hold (for now anyway).

So my problem isÖ..
Sol has decided to forget that he was ever house trained; he is urinating and defecating absolutely everywhere in my home, apart from the main bedroom. I am at my wits end with him and donít possibly know what to do.

Sol is left for 7 hours everyday on his own, I know this is unfortunate, but I have a neighbour who pops in at lunch time everyday, lets him out and has a play with him. He is walked at about 7am every morning and again at about 5.30 (this being the big main walk) He has an abundance of toys to play with and touch wood he isnít destructive, so I cant seem to understand if heís bored or just seeking attention.

I have given consideration to things like separation anxiety and even practised leaving the house at various times, and returning at various times, as I researched earlier on the web. I also took an extended Christmas vacation to see if I could try and combat this problem, but to no avail, he is still doing it.

Having read up all about separation anxiety Sol doesnít seem to be suffering from this (well in my opinion), he is fine when I leave the house and not Ďoverí excited when I return. He can go the odd day without making any mess and personally I can see no real pattern in his fouling. He will occasionally do it whilst I am in the house, other times he will alert me to let me know he wants to go out. I can go out four 5 minutes come back and there is mess, I can nip to the hairdressers for over an hour and heís been fine. He has even done it several times during the night, which has never happened before, not even when he was a pup, Sol isnít on his own throughout the night either, he sleeps in my room.

I have started to give him a treat when thereís no mess, and also I am not punishing him when there is. I used to just tap him on the end of his nose, but have been informed that this could make the situation worse. So now I just ignore him and immediately clean up. I have given consideration to a cage, but I believe he may injure himself if locked in one, so I am having to give this a miss.

I would be most grateful for any ideas and comments you can give me as I am at my wits end.


Stacie xx
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