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Old 01-30-2005, 12:46 AM
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Default RIP Tosser

I just got the dreaded phone call....... My dad and i just got off the phone after he informed me my old dog Tosser had died this evening peacefuly in his sleep. Tosser was a 14 year old ( OLD for a Husky) almost completely black siberian Husky with some gray flecks in his fur. We all knew the day would come but still it has hit me hard and I sit hearing crying while I type this.

Tosser was my very first dog who was mine and MINE only. I got him when i was twelve one of my dads best females named Nina had given birth to Tosser and his four brothers and sisters. I absolutly loved Tosser and it killed me when Tosser was nine weeks old I got home from school and my dad told me someone had come in and bought Tosser. But I awoke the next morning with Tosser sleeping next to me in the bed! I loved him so much but my dad made sure I knew Tosser was not to only be a pet but also a working dog. And so I worked with him and by the time he was a year old I had him pulling a light one dog sled. He shared my bed at night and never knew the life of the dog run. He helped me even when he was older to train Hitch and others I now own.

When I was 18 and it was time to strike out on my own i knew I would bring my three dogs at the time Tosser, Hitch, and Nera with me. Hitch and Nera did well living in our apartment (this was before I bought the farm) but Tosser was a nervouse wreck pacing back force I knew he could'nt live in that confined space any longer and So I decided to take Tosser back to my parents temporarely so he would'nt be so stressed and it did work. It took me until I was twenty to come into the farmand start work with it. In this time I was working with running Hitch and starting to harness train Nera in my off time. I had also purchased my first Chinook the year before Noah and was training him like i was Nera. Time passed and I visited Tosser everyday and worked him. Eventually the farm was dog fit and I decided I could finally bring Tosser "home". But Tosser did'nt like it at all . He whined and cried and constantly searched for his kennel mates and on top of that he was afraid of Noah..... I worked on it and worked on it but Tosserc was just miserable at the new place. I did'nt want to take him back to mum and dads because I just did'nt want to be one of those people who just because their dog wasent coping well they just gave up.

So one day i decided well while I visit my parents I will take Tosser with me and see how he does. When I pulled in the driveway Tosser perked right up and I opened up the car door and he ran aroun the yard yipping and barking and just wagging his tail so much i thought it would fall off. At that moment i started to cry I hadent seen my dog so happy since he had left the farm and I knew that he wasent coming "home" with me when i left that evening. And he did'nt.... The entire visit he was just showing pure joy and I knew it was best for him to stay.

And so Tosser spent these last few years at my parents but has alwasy been my dog always running to me when I visited and gave me constant kisses. It kills me that I did'nt get to say goodbye and I feel horrible about it. I feel that somewhere i went wrong he should have never left my side I feel like i left him and I feel he felt that way also.

I know this whole story makes me sound like im not the best pet owner but I try. I love my dogs and I try to do what is best for them and i truly think it was best for him to go back. But i will never forget my sweet boy Tosser.

RIP Tosser

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