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Old 05-10-2011, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
Realistically, I won't likely get them all done this week or next. My goal is to get a few of the easier ones done and two of bigger ones a bit at a time.

The rest I need references for:

Sizzle's dobes (ink + color)
Dekka possibly
Ryan's 3 dogs (ink + color)
Nolu's trio (mixed)
Bjolly's cattle dog

I think that is it so far.

Nolu, what do you mean by more realistic? Is the one of Summer kind of what you were thinking of? I can certainly try more realism though too.
I mean like the one of Summer rather than the one of Luke. Luke is more liney-and cartoony, which is adorable, but I'm kind of aiming for these as a gift to my mother. And also for Ada's spay since I obviously never buy artwork, but still!

If that sounds good to you and you like doing cats, no huge hurry. Her birthday is mid-June so having them done by then would be nice but not necessary, as I'm notoriously bad with getting birthday presents to people on time. Or maybe her birthday is in July. I'm so bad with birthdays.

I need to be at home to get you good reference pictures, I think. I don't have an yon the laptop.
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