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Old 05-09-2011, 02:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Aleron View Post
Most sighthounds and many larger athletic dogs have jumping abilities like what is shown in the video. The record high jumps are often won by sighthounds. But I have seen them sail over a 6' kennel run because they wanted to be with their person. Fence jumping only becomes an issue with any dog because they are allowed to find it reinforcing. I know Ibizans are known for being fence jumpers specifically but I think there are things you could do to prevent them from ever strating. I would probably consider training them to an IF set inside the regular fence as an additional barrier from a fairly young age.

I really love the look of Ibizans but I'm under the impression they are a more primitive sighthound, more like the Pharaoh Hound then a Greyhound or Whippet. I could be wrong though, as I haven't ever spent much time around one. I have spent time around Pharaoh Hounds and know that while they are super cool dogs, they are just too primitive for me.
Pharaohs and beezers aren't nearly as primitive as people like to think they are. Pharaohs are a relatively recent re-creation of European origin. Beezers are a dual purpose sight/scent hound developed in Spain. They're more primitive than say, a lab. But not as much as a saluki. I find that on the sight hound spectrum, they tend to be more handler oriented than a lot of other breeds.

They tend to do really well at tracking in addition to coursing. They're totally into everything, unlike a lot of sight hounds though you can find individuals who are much more laid back. It also depends on the lines. In Spain the wire and smooth coated varieties are treated as separate breeds and not crossed like we do in America. So the Spanish wire coats tend to be a lot more laid back. The Spanish smooths are much more active.

Lizzy the breeder is Alfheim. They have incredible beezers. Their dogs are Spanish imports from a hunting kennel, and do incredibly well at show and in the field. If I ever get one it will be through them. Dudley is my favorite. He was ranked in the top 20 ibizans in the country at only a year old and at three already has his DC and is a multiple best in field winner. He has just a wonderful rock solid temperament and a great attitude.


I can't remember what their fences look like, but I visited another breeder who had 6 foot chain link. Her dogs would boing straight up and be higher than the top of the fence. I asked her if they ever got out and she said no. They just never tried jumping over. Strider is 32" and he has cleared a 6' fence from a stand still to reach me, but he never jumped our 4' fence at home even with kitties and raccoons running around outside in his view. Kaia is even more of a chicken about jumping. If I stand on a picnic table and hold a raccoon tail at arm's length and wiggle it, she can jump up and take it from me. But she won't jump over a 2' baby gate even if I'm coaxing her with food. She just stands there and cries.

And in my experience, they are one of those breeds that naturally LOVES babies. Of any species. The one breeder I visited told me a story of her beezer killing a huge rat in her garage. He was so proud of himself. Then she heard some squeaking and looked around until she found the nest of baby rats that belonged to the huge one. She got her dog, showed him the rat nest, and said, "Okay! Kill 'em!"

He just stared at her with this look of utter revulsion. As if to say, "you want me to kill babies!?!" And he walked off. She ended up doing it herself, and he was pretty disgusted with her for a while after that.
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Old 05-09-2011, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Romy View Post
Pharaohs and beezers aren't nearly as primitive as people like to think they are. Pharaohs are a relatively recent re-creation of European origin. Beezers are a dual purpose sight/scent hound developed in Spain. They're more primitive than say, a lab. But not as much as a saluki. I find that on the sight hound spectrum, they tend to be more handler oriented than a lot of other breeds.
I have some hands on experience with Pharaoh Hounds. IMO they are much more primitive than Greyhounds (which I have a lot of hands on experience with), although less than Basenjis (have quite a bit of hands on experience with them as well, even though IMO they are not really sighthounds ). The Pharaohs I knew were definitely rather independent and the male especially was quite obsessed with hunting while outside. He's a great courser now from what I hear and I always thought that was what he really wanted to do. The female was a bit softer in temperament and less hunt oriented. But with training, she'd get into moods were she just didn't want to work though and there wasn't much you could do. Neither were all that handler focused and were fairly easily distracted away from the task at hand. Most people at the training club couldn't understand why anyone would want dogs who were so independent and "wild" (the male was extremely bouncey LOL). I really enjoyed them and loved sighthounds in general but after working with them, I don't know that I'd want one.

Comparatively, the Greyhounds I worked with and knew were all pretty handler focused and really, fairly easy to train with positive methods. They had plenty of prey drive and did well at coursing too but they were not primitive or even terribly independent. They very much wanted to be with their people and they weren't as easily distracted from them (unless you were at lure coursing LOL). I raised a Grey puppy and I can't think of one bad thing to say about her. She was as near perfect as a puppy could be - housetrained very quickly, wasn't destructive, was social but focused on me and loved learning new stuff.

Like I said, I don't really know Ibizans. It certainly could be that they are more Greyhound like than Pharaoh Hound like. I have met quite a few but haven't interacted with them enough to really say how their temperament strikes me. I can say I have never met one who was aggressive or "weird". In the 90s, what I would call a commercial minded breeder in my area had several. They had an obedience training business, showed in conformation some and bred various breeds of dogs, usually whatever they thought could sell to the pet market or as potential competition dogs. Over the years they bred or were currently breeding or planning to breed GSDs, Dobes, Cardigans, Doxies, BCs, Borzoi, Akitas and Shelties. I'm sure I missed some. Anyway they had probably three Ibizans and said that the breed was going to be "the next big thing in obedience". Obviously, they never became the next big obedience breed I don't know if they bred any litters of Ibizans but I know their involvement with the breed was short. Looking back, I really can't imagine their training methods meshing well with any sighthound.

It would be cool if they tended to be a more handler oriented sighthound. I love their looks and they seem like very fun loving dogs
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Old 05-09-2011, 10:53 AM
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Skittle here is a link for you.
HareHill Hounds - Home of America's Top Ibizan Hounds I've meet quite a few of the dogs on that site and they are ALL lovely.

Beezers are an interesting breed. They are pretty handler oriented, but not have to be up your butt. They also tend to be a bit reserved with others outside their circle. They DO tend to have a mischievous streak to them, some more than others.

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Old 05-09-2011, 10:57 AM
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They are pretty dogs, but ...

Originally Posted by skittledoo View Post

This video of an Ibizan jumping just blows my mind
YouTube - Ibizian Hound Super Dogs
I know that dog Even with all the work she does with him he is not that reliable (according to his owner) She says he is harder to work with than any other dog she has had, simply because he decides not to do things and doesn't care what she thinks at all.

Laur> And really they are more aloof, not less aloof than most sighthounds. Whippets are far from aloof, and most greys I meet (well bred ones and some race ones) are very happy to see people.
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