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Old 04-20-2011, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Pasomystic View Post
I have had four Ridgebacks and raised a litter. As young dogs, they are energetic and easily bored. After age 3, they settle into dogs willing to do what you do with just a walk a day for exercise. They leash train well, and I obedience train all of them in mixed company--socialize thoroughly, and I take mine to the dog park frequently to play with all breeds. As in any breed, some lines are more laid back than others. A very tall fence is required if the dog is not exercised enough--they can leap a 6 ft fence if young and bored and alone.
My absolute favorite large breed--strong, healthy if from a good breeder, easy to groom with a hound glove, love children and can be trained to like any small animal or stranger you wish them to. Strong prey drive--running animals will be chased, so a very good recall is necessary to train from day one, to stop a chase before it begins. Once in full chase mode--they come back when they are done--must be stopped at the beginning, lol.
We have a small JRT and two cats that like to play with the dogs. Would they have to be kept seperated at all times or could the Ridgeback be trusted with them (supervised of course)?

Of and the jumping thing?? We already have 2 dogs like that so what's one more?

The more and more I read and discover about them the more they sound suited to our family. We still haven't definitely put down a deposit (we need to talk to the breeder more and meet more of his dogs) but it looks more and more like that's what we're going to do.
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