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Old 01-26-2005, 09:03 PM
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Default Ate a whole through the pen!!!!!!

I know I post on here alot but im just loving having contact with some people with the same interests as me. As i have said before my dogs keep me so busy I have little time for a social life lol. I promise I have friends lol .

Anywasy to my point. This is yet anouther Husky issue and yet anouther name you have yet to hear lol. Stinker is a brown and tan 4 year old and is one to sleep in the barn in his kennel. Now you should now that my barn is heated and the kennels have dog beds and toys in them and the dogs also come in and out of the hosue during the day. Well Stinker wasent named Stinker for nothing lol he's always been the "problem child" of the group he was the hardest to train and the hardest to get to focus and when he was a pup he was a chewer and was just a little loveable brat. I eventually worked with him enough to where he is a pretty great working dog and pet and i havent had a problem with Stinker since his younger years.......until today

Well the dog pens in the barn are made out of chicken wire and wood planks. Well I went in there this evening to give all the dogs their evening meal and I went to open Stinkers cage when i looked over the saw a knawed hole in the middle of the cage door knawed!!! I then put down Stinkers food dish and had his lay down so i hold look in his mouth and sure enough he had a few tiny little cuts on his tounge . He wasent whining from pain or anything and just drank his water and was wagging his tail. Luckily it was just a tiny hole and i fixed with with some extra wiring. I don't understand why he felt the need to chew his cage door. He had worked and played hard today and spent alot of time in the house in fact. Now that i think of that thats probley what made him want out of his pen he probley wanted back in the house where im sure it is seen to him as more fun and probley also notices that Akara is not in the barn right now and her pen is usualy next to him so im thinking it also could be seperation anxiety from Akara.

I don't know I just know that he's a silly dog and now im going to have to watch his mouth and make sure his tounge doesent get infected. Im just going to have to watch his pen from now and and Akara will probley be ready to go out in the barn by this weekend so hopefully the problems will stop them.

Lol once again just thought I would share i have never had a dog do this before. But of course Stinker has given me alot of my firsts lol.
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Old 01-26-2005, 09:42 PM
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lol! We've all had our Stinkers! You're probably right about the reason, and I wouldn't worry too much about his tongue getting infected; remember how anti-bacterial dogs' mouths are. As long as he doesn't have any wood or metal splinters he shouldn't have a problem. I had a German Shepherd who could clear the fenced area in the barn but would cut the fence with his teeth so the smaller dogs could get through along with him!
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